How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

After a long and sometimes difficult writing journey, your book is finally finished! So…now what? How do you get your book published and into the hands of consumers?

Outskirts Press can help. We are experts in producing professional, high-quality books for self-publishing authors, and we’ll lead you through each step — from copyediting and cover design to formatting and back cover copy.

But the biggest challenge still lies ahead: how to launch your book into the Amazon marketplace and start making sales! Again, Outskirts Press can help. We have a variety of marketing services and experts to guide you through the promotion of your book.

As the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Outskirts Press, publishing and marketing expert, Brent Sampson, has seen firsthand what leads to successful self-published books and self-publishing writers. Companies like Outskirts Press make publishing a book easily within reach. But it’s the marketing, promotion, and publicity efforts that separate the runaway successes from the rest.

Brent Sampson knows that authors who self-publish may have a general sense of what marketing efforts to pursue, but may not understand the specifics well enough to approach their promotional efforts with an effective strategy. His brand-new book, The Book Marketing COACH, compiles the best of his marketing advice shared with Outskirts Press authors over the past decade and makes it available to everyone.

Now that your book is finished, why not give it every advantage in the Amazon marketplace? With Outskirts Press you’ll not only have skilled publishing professionals on your side, but expert, insider’s marketing advice to take your book to the next level.

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  • An Amazon Kindle edition makes your book available to the growing audience of Kindle e-book readers. Because customers still love reading actual books, Kindle is an inexpensive way for them to sample a book before buying the paperback or hardback edition.
  • When you’re a part of the Search Inside the Book program, you allow readers to get a glimpse of your book’s contents. Books that are part of this program are significantly more successful, on average, than books that are not.
  • With the Amazon Cover Enhancement service, Outskirts Press submits an image of the front and back of your cover for your book listing. Books that have this enhancement are much more attractive to buyers.

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“I plan to get your PR program and help with the marketing as I have the money to do it. You did a great job and I am very happy with Outskirts Press because you made me feel safe with the project. You all did a great job on the book. Thank You for your excellent assistance.”

Charlotte Haile studied the arts at the Washington School of Art and creative writing at the University of Georgia. She has lived in the south all her life and enjoys sharing a good story. The Alexander Treasure is her first novel.

In 1942, Anna Morgan breaks a promise to her father and sets out on Napoleon, an untamed Arabian stallion who takes her on a wild ride to the Alexander plantation-a place forbidden to her because of a longstanding feud between the Morgan and Alexander families. Anna’s adventure leads to the discovery of a valuable pendant-part of a stolen treasure that Andre Alexander brought to Oakwood, Georgia, in the mid-1800s-as well as an encounter with the dashing young Justin Alexander. Despite the feud between their families, Anna and Justin find themselves drawn to each other. But they must keep their love secret, and their union will take them down a path of danger and suspense. Will the Alexander treasure and their families’ greed rip the lovers apart? Or will they find forgiveness and love? Find out in this romantic and suspenseful debut novel — a tale of lust, greed . . . and murder.

-Charlotte Haile, author of The Alexander Treasure