Print or Digital? Give Your Reader What They Want!

As a writer and aspiring author looking into the future of publishing your book, you’re probably weighing many different options. One of those options is the format in which you want to release your book —  print or digital? Hard copy or e-book?

However you decide to sell your work, your goal is to reach as many readers as possible…which is why you should consider releasing your book in multiple formats.

While it’s true that some consumers prefer to hold a shiny new book in their hands, others are diehard Kindle or Nook fans, representing a large group of “e-readers” who won’t have access to your book if it’s only in print form.

Plus, there are some fun advantages to e-books:

  • E-books are lower-priced than print versions. And people who are on the fence about a book are more likely to take a chance on a lower-priced digital version.
  • It only takes a few seconds to download an e-book and start reading —  instant gratification!
  • E-books offer anonymity and privacy for those who prefer not to share what they’re reading with their fellow commuters…
  • E-books have clickable Table of Contents, making it easy to quickly go to a particular page or chapter.
  • With syncing, the same book can be read on different devices, whether it’s a Kindle or a Smartphone, and you can pick up just where you left off.
  • E-books are better for the environment…and better for your back. Take hundreds of books wherever you go without having to lug the hard copies around!
  • Other e-book features include Highlights and Annotations, Dictionaries and Translations, and the X-Ray feature, which gives a list of all the major and minor characters in the book, along with other references. And e-readers allow you to adjust the font to make reading even easier.

Independent authors are rushing to take advantage of this digital technology and deliver their books into the hands of an enormous group of consumers. If you’re looking ahead toward becoming an indie author too, consider offering your readers the option of print or digital versions of your book.

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“It was the caring and concerned helpfulness that made the difference. Leona was determined to solve all the problems I threw her way with kindness. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Frank Lowe is an actor, and published and produced playwright who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Tenacious and talented Kyle Kelly holds on to his dream of becoming a famous country-western singer and songwriter. He and his father, Cowboy Red, keep pushing through disappointments and small-time gigs until suddenly, they land the opening of Wonderland Park. Their Nashville careers skyrocket, and the future looks bright until Kyle meets and falls in love with Miranda, a waitress in a Mexican restaurant. Kyle is offered a lucrative movie contract, and he plans to marry Miranda and live happily ever after…until a tragic accident sends Miranda and her family back to Mexico. But Kyle knows what it means to pursue a dream, and he goes after her. He could never have imagined the dangerous and tangled web surrounding the love of his life-she’s not who she appears to be, and Kyle will find himself the target of merciless forces in Mexico who are determined to keep them apart. Kyle enlists all the help he can get, no matter how eccentric, to find and marry the woman he loves. Thrilling, heartfelt, and entertaining, Lonesome Cowboy is a story you’ll never forget!
– Frank Lowe, author of Lonesome Cowboy

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