Write a Little, Help a lot – and Benefit a Worthy Charity – with Fandemonium Volume 6

Outskirts Press is now accepting submissions from its Facebook fans of short literary works to be included in Fandemonium Volume 6, now through April 30.

Fandemonium has become an anticipated annual tradition for the self-publishing community. This unique crowdsourcing effort is not only a collection of superior writing from the Outskirts Press Facebook community, but the profits also provide much-needed funding to a worthy cause. So, once again, Outskirts Press is calling on the online community for contributions of short literary works for the annual Fandemonium anthology, slated to be released this summer.

The annual Fandemonium compilation includes a variety of short stories, poetry and other short-form literary works submitted by fans of the Outskirts Press Facebook page. Over the past five years, Fandemonium has brought Outskirts Press Facebook members together to experience the joy of publishing first-hand, while benefiting a great cause. Proceeds from the sale of the 2016 Fandemonium collection will be donated to the American Red Cross on behalf of Outskirts Press and its Facebook fans.

Members of the Outskirts Press Facebook community can submit poetry, short stories, excerpts, recipes or anecdotes for free publication — you’re limited only by your imagination! Submissions can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry, though entries of fewer than 5,000 words will be considered first. Getting published in the Facebook Fandemonium, Volume 6 is simple:

Submit your entry as a Word document attachment to Fandemonium@outskirtspress.com before April 30th.

Be sure the document includes your name and title. Outskirts Press will post your entry to our Facebook page as a note.

Encourage your Facebook friends to “like” your entry by visiting the Outskirts Press Facebook page.

You can also “share” your post with your Facebook friends to encourage more “likes.”

Submissions with the highest number of likes will be considered for inclusion in Fandemonium Volume 6.

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“I thought Leona was fantastic! She definitely had to answer a ton of questions for me. Leona was awesome and if I do well, I have another book I would like to get out, and Leona is the one I want working with me!”

Teresa Guill is a teacher and mother who is dedicated to compassionate education about bullying. Teresa and her illustrator Lucy are both graduates of Bluefield State College in West Virginia. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Teresa chose Concord University to pursue her master’s degree in educational leadership and supervision.

My Friend the Fairy is a realistic look at childhood bullying, designed to start meaningful conversations about the real-life impact of bullying, and what kids can do about it. Jake and Belle become best friends when they are young and innocent — too loving and carefree to focus on their differences. They are inseparable, and their friendship is a joy for both of them. But Jake and Belle discover that as they grow older, more factors intrude into the close relationship that means so much to them. Other people have an agenda…and that interference can be deeply destructive. Unaware of how to stop what is going on, Jake and Belle find their beautiful friendship shattered in a way that could and should have been avoided.

 -Teresa Guill, author of My Friend the Fairy

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