Bedazzle Your Book with a Diamond or Pearl Self-Publishing Package

“DIY” book publishing has come a long way from the days when formatting and layout were so complicated no one could figure it out, and an author had to order thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory just to publish. However, while self-publishing is now simpler and quicker, that still doesn’t mean it’s easy!

There are still many elements to pull together to get a self-published book to press or to the ebook market. Here, we discuss the Top 4 Publishing Party-Poopers that confuse even reasonably savvy do-it-yourselfers. Each of these services is included in our Diamond and Pearl self-publishing packages, both of which are 20% OFF today:

  1. ISBN – This is the International Standard Book Number, the ten or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies every book. Many self-publishing service providers make a killing marking up the ISBN for resale to authors. As a Bowker-approved designated agent, Outskirts Press can reserve a Private Label ISBN in your name for 20% less than you would pay directly through Bowker.
  2. Formatting – Even template-based formatting can be a headache for someone unfamiliar with the many “rules” of book formatting. Something as simple as an extra space or misplaced tab can adversely affect the appearance of your printed book as well as the functionality of your ebook. An experienced formatter can save you many hours of frustration!
  3. Cover Design – This is the first – and many would say the most important – opportunity for an author to grab readers’ attention … and it’s the step that is most often bungled. The investment in an attractive, eye-catching, professional cover design is universally hailed as THE most important investment you can make toward the success of your book.
  4. Ebooks – Hmm, paper, hardcover or electronic? With the Diamond or Pearl package, your paperback format is included, and you can add hardcover and/or ebook formats at any time to take advantage of the distinct benefits of multiple formats.

The best part about these festive packages is that today, they’re 20% OFF! Just login to your Publishing Center, and choose the package you want to save hundreds this holiday season.

Now is the time to publish that book!


The Ultimate Diamond Publishing Service
Was: $999
Now only $799!

  • Included Amazon distribution and ISBN
  • Get a free e-book edition
  • Get a free author webpage

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The Full-Color Pearl Publishing Service
Was: $1099
Now only $879!

  • Included Amazon distribution and ISBN
  • Browse our illustration packages
  • Get a free author webpage

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“My book is delightful. I’m very satisfied with my experience with Outskirts Press. All in all, my experience with your company has been a very good one. Thank you.”

Kim M. Lowrey lives in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes in Waterloo, New York. She enjoys writing. As most authors, she believes writing is a time when she can let her imagination run wild. It’s a challenge to take the tread of a thought and spin it into a compelling story.

They stole her innocence years ago and left her with nothing but demons controlling her mind. It took years for her to subdue the rampant nightmares. And for a while, Abigail Martin’s life was relatively normal. But nothing lasts forever. Abby’s beloved Aunt Lil is murdered in a robbery gone awry. Lil’s death topples Abby’s world. She’s hurt and enraged and somebody needs to pay. And why not start where the trouble began? With the help of Kenneth Brown, Private Investigator, she becomes the hunter…and they become her prey. She could never get back what they took from her, but she could take something just as valuable from them. Abby’s tirade begins and no one is safe in her world.

– Kim M. Lowrey, author of Death of an Innocence

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