3 Reasons to Get on the Amazon Kindle Bandwagon Now

If you’re on the fence about ebook publishing, this might be the year to pick a side. There are recent developments in the ebook publishing world that could be a boon for self-publishing authors who have taken advantage of the ongoing growth in that market.

Namely, Amazon is stepping up its game in 2014. The online marketplace and bookselling giant is dangling the proverbial carrot to book buyers with the introduction of new technology and the reintroduction of a popular e-reading device.

Here are a few developments at Amazon that may convince you to hop on the ebook bandwagon today:

  1. The introduction of the Amazon 3D smartphone. We don’t toss around the term “game-changer” lightly, but the June 18 release of the as-yet-unnamed 3D Kindle phone could be just that. The early buzz is that the 3D interface is attractive and responsive, reportedly using face- and eye-tracking software to help readers navigate around the page.
  2. The return of Amazon Kindle DX. The 9.7-inch E Ink reader is back and better than ever, boasting updated software and an attractive $199 price tag. The device includes WiFi and 3G connections, built-in stereo speakers and 3.5mm jack, and enough room to download up to 3,500 books.
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. Pitted against the iPad Mini, this 8.9-inch tablet is a less expensive option than any Apple device at a paltry $379 and can do most of the same things. With the right apps, this so-called “productivity machine” not only displays ebooks beautifully, but also takes handwritten and typed notes, among other functions.

New and cheaper devices means more readers will join the ebook revolution, making the summer of 2014 the perfect time to get your book on the ebook market!

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