Introduce Your Self-Published Book to the World with a Virtual Book Tour

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Introduce yourself and your self-published book to bookworms around the world through a Virtual Book Tour. When it’s not possible or practical to load up the minivan and drive state-to-state, a virtual tour allows you to “appear” on a blog, a website or an Internet radio talk show without leaving the house and using precious VBTvacation time!

A virtual book tour is similar to an actual book tour, but instead of physically traveling from bookstore to bookstore, or radio show to radio show, you and/or your book are making “appearances” in the blogosphere and on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Not only is a far more cost-effective way to tour, unlike a physical tour, which is over the minute you leave, a virtual book tour stays archived and available for Internet Searches FOREVER!

The Virtual Book Tour option from Outskirts Press makes it easy for you to “book” your blog tour through the blogosphere and social networking community! Reach new audiences and cultivate new readers with relatively little effort.

With the Virtual Book Tour, you receive the following:

  • Outskirts Press announces your Virtual Book Tour to the blogosphere.
  • You receive every inquiry in response to the announcement about your book.
  • Virtual Book Tour Packet, which includes all of the materials you need to follow up with the bloggers quickly and easily in order to schedule your “appearance” on their blog, website or social network.
  • In most cases your appearance may include a book review and/or an author interview.
  • Spotlight Appearance on the Self-Publishing Advice blog, which receives its own announcements on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Your own Tour Video, which will be blasted on our popular YouTube channel.
  • Much, much more!

Now through March 31, you can receive 10% off the Virtual Book Tour when you enter the promo code at checkout. Don’t delay, this offer isn’t around long!

Promo code: VBT10PCT

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