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Book Marketing Option Spotlight: Hollywood Screenplay

How much is it worth to you to get your book in front of the same Hollywood insiders who brought to life mega-hits like “The Hunger Games,” “Secretariat,” “The Sopranos” and “True Blood?”
Hollywood Screenplay from Outskirts Press is the ultimate plan for authors who want to see their book up on the silver screen. With this option, we write your screenplay for you and you keep all your copyrights. We do the legwork to put you in touch with our industry connections, including a production company and Hollywood producer. What’s more, your screenplay will be represented in an effort to secure optioning or purchase by a Hollywood studio. This is the ultimate solution for getting your book on the big (or small) screen. How’s that for exposure?
If you envision your novel as the next “Hunger Games” or “Harry Potter,” consider these valuable highlights of our Hollywood Screenplay option:

  • Your screenplay will be written by a professional Hollywood scriptwriter with experience adapting novels to script form.
  • Your finished screenplay will go through numerous reviews by both you and a credited Hollywood producer to deliver to you a final draft of quality that producers and directors will find appealing.
  • You’ll receive a full-length screen play specifically written to meet the needs of the medium you choose (TV, film, etc.) and the genre of your work.
  • The screenplay you approve will be submitted to a searchable Hollywood database, used by studios, executives and producers seeking materials to pitch, option or buy.

BONUS: An exclusive, 3-year effort will automatically be set into motion by a Hollywood production company to option your screenplay with Hollywood studios, producers and/or stars. Imagine: Your own screenplay making the rounds in Hollywood as a hot property!·

Book Marketing Option Spotlight: Book Blast

So, you labored and slaved over your “baby” — your book — and it’s finally ready for release. The hard part’s over, right? Wrong! The real work has just begun.

Now it’s time to really buckle down and sell. After all, all that hard work is for naught if no one knows about or reads your book.

Today we shine our Marketing Spotlight on the ever-popular Book Blast. This comprehensive package includes all the tools a new author needs to undertake a multi-pronged marketing effort and achieve the best odds for a successful launch. The Book Blast from Outskirts Press includes:

  • Custom Press Release
  • PR Publicist Campaign
  • Book Review Submission Service
  • Book Video with social network distribution
  • 5 hours with your Personal Marketing Assistant

And all that for 25% less than what you’d pay buying these valuable services separately!

Want to know more? Visit Outskirts Press to find out more about how to hit the ground running on your self-publishing marketing campaign.

How Self-Publishing Authors Save Money by Ordering Books in Bulk

We recognize authors choose print on demand services because they don’t want to worry with storing an inventory of books, etc. Because of this, we offer our authors a low, below-wholesale author price on quantities of just 5 at a time. With our various self-publishing packages, we handle the distribution for you – which means, no need to have a garage full of books.

There are some authors, however, who like to sell their own books through various direct sales channels (i.e. their own website, face-to-face selling, etc.).  We created a special bulk order program that can help these authors save up to 50% off their already-discounted author copy base price.

Here’s a chart that illustrates the savings available to authors in each ordering threshold:

To take advantage of these discounts, enter an order for the appropriate quantity in your Publishing Center and read the additional information that pops-up on your screen. This information includes details about how to place your order, alternate production schedules, and turnaround times for these drastically discounted books.

Are you ready to order your books and save up to 50% off the regular author price?