Book Marketing Option Spotlight: Book Blast

So, you labored and slaved over your “baby” — your book — and it’s finally ready for release. The hard part’s over, right? Wrong! The real work has just begun.

Now it’s time to really buckle down and sell. After all, all that hard work is for naught if no one knows about or reads your book.

Today we shine our Marketing Spotlight on the ever-popular Book Blast. This comprehensive package includes all the tools a new author needs to undertake a multi-pronged marketing effort and achieve the best odds for a successful launch. The Book Blast from Outskirts Press includes:

  • Custom Press Release
  • PR Publicist Campaign
  • Book Review Submission Service
  • Book Video with social network distribution
  • 5 hours with your Personal Marketing Assistant

And all that for 25% less than what you’d pay buying these valuable services separately!

Want to know more? Visit Outskirts Press to find out more about how to hit the ground running on your self-publishing marketing campaign.

One thought on “Book Marketing Option Spotlight: Book Blast

  1. Definitely, I want to SELL MY BOOK. So, I will definitely pay for the Book Blast Marketing Package and other available Book Marketing packages like packages and the BOOK FAIR Package. I like those three. Thank you so much for the information so please keep feeding me because anytime this month of October or November, 2012 I should send my very first book away for Publishing by Outskirts Press. Its my Autobiography, how God raised me in the wilderness for 20 years titled: Woman of Integrity.

    I had been communicating with Outskirts Press for at least 3 years now since I started writting this book on a part-time basis. I couldn’t wait to send it away for Publishing but I’m waiting for my bank here in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to process my Visa Card as its going through the process.

    I’am a professional Journalist for at least 23 years. I graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Degree in 1994. I need any marketing tips and packages you can give me or offer. Thank you. Cheers and bye for now.

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