Only 7 Days Left to Save Hundreds on FREE Shipping

Just seven days left to take advantage of a big money-saver for self-publishing authors: FREE SHIPPING!

For the entire month of May, authors who have published with Outskirts Press can get FREE SHIPPING on book orders of 50 or more with UPS Ground shipping within the continental United States. If you’ve been Stack of Bookswanting to restock books for events or save more money by ordering in bulk for your direct sales efforts, now is the time to take advantage of our most popular promotion for published authors.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Login to your Publishing Center and place an order for 50 or more copies of your book(s) in a single format before May 31st.

2. Select normal ground shipping with a delivery address in the continental United States.

No promotion code is necessary. You will see the free shipping reflected during your order. Easy, right? Click here to place your order. When you pair the shipping savings with the money you’ll save by placing a bulk order, you have an opportunity to save even more.

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How Published Outskirts Press Authors Can Save $16,000 (or More) During Free Shipping Month

Outskirts Press authors are able to take advantage of the most popular promotion of the entire year for the remainder of September – FREE SHIPPING!

Here’s how it works: you order 50+ copies (of the same format) of your book and pay nothing for UPS Ground shipping within the Continental U.S. That offers the oportunity to save a substantial amount of money when placing a book order. The more copies of your book you order, the more you save on shipping costs.

When you pair the shipping savings with the money you’ll save by placing a bulk order, you have an opportunity to potentially save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars!

Let’s assume your book is a 429 page hardback book with dustjacket. Here’s how much you can save:

Author Price (for Author Copies): $16.01
Shipping cost: $0 (due to free shipping promotion)
Total cost for 200 copies: $3,202

If that author orders 1000 copies, their price per copy drops by 35% to $10.41. That’s a savings of $5.60 per copy! Or, $5,600 – a greater savings than the cost of the 200 copy order!

To save even more, the author can purchase 2000 copies. Then, their price goes down by 50% to $8.01. Thats a savings of $8 per copy! That puts $16,000 back into the author’s pocket!

What if you don’t have a hardback book or don’t want to order 2000 copies? You can still save during our free shipping promotion. Let’s take an author purchase of a 320 page 6×9 cream paperback for example:

Author Price (for Author Copies): $8.08
Shipping cost (without this month’s free shipping promotion): $113.97
Total Cost for 100 copies: $921.97

That’s $9.22 per copy! This month, that author can save $113.97 on their order. Like above, if the author orders in bulk, they can save even more. This particular author can save $5,660 or more with an order of 2000+ copies!

Want to know how much money you can put back into your pocket when you place a bulk order? Click here to find out!

P.S. – While you’re there, don’t forget to place your order now so that you don’t miss out on the free shipping opportunity!

A Self Publishers’ Book Printing Process

One of the biggest dilemmas that self-publishers face is deciding on the appropriate printing process. The ‘How to Print’ decision can be a bit easier once you know your target market and budget. Still, there are many options available to you, such as digital printing with print-on-demand distribution or offset printing and physical fulfillment.

Publishers use three major methods of book printing, which are:

Digital printing is perhaps the simplest and the fastest growing printing process. Normally, the files for printing are held at computer servers and can be printed, glued and bound together to produce a high quality book in under 10 minutes. This method works excellently for producing one-demand single copy of the book, as the whole book is produced in one cycle.

Offset printing on the other hand is more suitable for bulk-printing. This traditional type of print-press is fed one sheet at a time, or a complete web of paper, which can be printed in real-time. The web of sheets is then cut up and organized by special bindery equipment. The folding, trimming and assembling of the printing press is carried out right at the end, making sure that more than one book can be prepared at a time.

Letterpress technology is unquestionably the oldest form of printing, and largely unavailable due to its inefficient and time-consuming approach. In this kind of printing, pictorial engravings or etched metal plates are inked, and a single sheet of paper is rolled over them. The process only works for one sheet at a time, and is typically used for very fine, limited edition books.

As you can see, there are a variety of different printing options available to a self-publisher. While offset printing can yield deeper discounts (on a per copy basis), print-on-demand offers the flexibility of a smaller upfront investment. We offer both offset printing/bulk ordering as as well print-on-demand as options for all of our authors. That means – we’re here to save you money regardless of the printing process you choose.

So, are you ready to have 100% control over your self-publishing experience? 

How Self-Publishing Authors Save Money by Ordering Books in Bulk

We recognize authors choose print on demand services because they don’t want to worry with storing an inventory of books, etc. Because of this, we offer our authors a low, below-wholesale author price on quantities of just 5 at a time. With our various self-publishing packages, we handle the distribution for you – which means, no need to have a garage full of books.

There are some authors, however, who like to sell their own books through various direct sales channels (i.e. their own website, face-to-face selling, etc.).  We created a special bulk order program that can help these authors save up to 50% off their already-discounted author copy base price.

Here’s a chart that illustrates the savings available to authors in each ordering threshold:

To take advantage of these discounts, enter an order for the appropriate quantity in your Publishing Center and read the additional information that pops-up on your screen. This information includes details about how to place your order, alternate production schedules, and turnaround times for these drastically discounted books.

Are you ready to order your books and save up to 50% off the regular author price?