How Self-Publishing Authors Save Money by Ordering Books in Bulk

We recognize authors choose print on demand services because they don’t want to worry with storing an inventory of books, etc. Because of this, we offer our authors a low, below-wholesale author price on quantities of just 5 at a time. With our various self-publishing packages, we handle the distribution for you – which means, no need to have a garage full of books.

There are some authors, however, who like to sell their own books through various direct sales channels (i.e. their own website, face-to-face selling, etc.).  We created a special bulk order program that can help these authors save up to 50% off their already-discounted author copy base price.

Here’s a chart that illustrates the savings available to authors in each ordering threshold:

To take advantage of these discounts, enter an order for the appropriate quantity in your Publishing Center and read the additional information that pops-up on your screen. This information includes details about how to place your order, alternate production schedules, and turnaround times for these drastically discounted books.

Are you ready to order your books and save up to 50% off the regular author price?

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    1. Hi, Vladimir:

      Thanks for your comment. The free shipping promotion ends at the end of this month. If you can, I would suggest ordering books now, as I’m not sure when that promotion will be offered again.

      Thanks again!

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