How You Can Benefit From an iPad Format

The impact Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad have had on the book-reading public is undeniable. The iBooks app is one of the most highly regarded ebook formats on the market, and the iPhone alone accounts for more than half of all smart phone revenue in the United States. In recent years, the iPad has snagged an additional segment of the market, taking Apple technology deeper into homes, and perhaps more importantly, further into classrooms across the country via a larger, more user-friendly physical interface.

This embracing of ebook technology doesn’t mean hardcopies are out by any means, but it does give self-publishing authors new opportunities to reach book buyers in new and exciting ways. An iPhone/iPod/iPad book format holds several compelling benefits:

  • Greater exposure. The more outlets where your book is available for purchase, the greater the chances your book will be discovered and bought. With more and more schools embracing the portability of the iPad’s iBookstore in favor of a backpack full of bulky hardcopies for their students, the opportunity is greater than ever.
  • Pricing control. You are afforded total control over how much your book sells for on iBookstore. You don’t abdicate this control just because you’re taking on a new electronic format.
  • Your own imprint. You receive your own Private Label imprint and Bowker-Approved ISBN, unique for your iPad/iPhone ebook edition, and registered with Bowker in your name. Your Apple ebook edition exists completely independently of any versions of your book.
  • Direct royalties. Apple issues your royalty payments directly to you, according to their schedule. There’s no middle man to go through in order to receive royalties.
  • Your own EPUB converted file. Your EPUB file is yours to do with as you wish. You can even pursue other distribution channels independently.

An Apple sale is not only a convenient way to offer your book to a potential reader; it’s also inexpensive. And, if they like your book, they are more likely to purchase the paperback or hardback edition, too. Outskirts Press puts all these iPad format benefits at your fingertips with the Premium Edition iPad/iPhone ebook with Private Label iBooks distribution. It’s our simple, one-click solution for publishing your book as an iPad/iPhone ebook with full distribution on Apple’s exclusive iBooks bookstore in YOUR NAME.

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If you’ve been thinking about publishing your book on the iPad to reach the growing Apple audience, today is the time to make that move. With Outskirts Press you can also choose the iPad/iPhone Standard Edition.

Standard iPad/iPhone Edition

  • lower upfront cost
  • greater exposure
  • no-hassle, standard iBookstore retail price of $9.99
  • guaranteed royalty amount of $4.00 per copy
  • full control of your retail price
  • publish under your own name, with your own ISBN and private label
  • receive your royalties directly from Apple
  • receive a copy of the final EPUB converted file

Offering your book in Apple’s iBookstore is a great way to introduce your book to a whole new audience of potential readers. Don’t wait! You’re missing out on a HUGE market for your book!

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