Start Self-Publishing Your Book During Small Press Month!

March is Small Press Month, so it’s the perfect time to promote the amazing work of independent publishers and (soon to be) self-published authors, like you! High quality self-publishing is easy. Marketing your book afterwards is the key.

We hope you’re taking advantage of this celebration to finish and promote your own book using the 31 tips (one per day) provided by Outskirts Press. The idea is to take a few moments each day to implement one important step in your efforts to complete, market and promote your book.

Once your book is completed, we hope you take our suggestions to stock up on hard copies, connect on social media, send out press releases and reach out to local schools, universities, fellow authors, small businesses and sales channels. Don’t worry if you’re just ramping up now. These small steps are simple enough to take two at a time. Here’s what the next few days of your Small Business Month should look like:

March 15 – Co-op. Connect with other independently published authors and arrange co-op advertisement in the local media. In addition to promoting your books, promote your upcoming events. Encourage other authors to join in the events, which may generate more interest about future events among bookstores.

March 16 – Get talking. Small, local radio stations – particularly news/talk formats – are constantly on the lookout for interesting guests. Contact local radio producers in your area and pitch them on your book, tying it into Small Press Month. Not sure where to start? Outskirts Press offers a Guaranteed Radio Interview option to get you started.

March 17 – Think green. St. Patrick’s Day green, that is. Take the day to focus on electronic editions of your book, which save trees and open you up to huge audiences of ebook consumers. Outskirts Press can set up a Kindle, NOOK or Apple iPad edition of your book in no time at all.

March 18– Think big. Local is a great starting point, but don’t forget to contact the major newspapers about Small Press Month, too. They’re more likely to cover something if they are contacted by authors, so reach out in person. Be ready to tell your press contact what sets your book apart from others (unusual topic, great reviews, a sudden spike in sales, past media attention, etc).

March 19 – Center yourself. Contact your local community center and inform them of Small Press Month; post information on their community bulletin board if one is available. Gather the local authors with whom you’ve teamed up and schedule an impromptu event, celebrating Small Press books.

Want more tips? Visit our blog to read the full post or follow us on Facebook to get a tip each day throughout the month.


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Sheryl and her father Garry always had a unique and special relationship…and ever since she was a little girl, Sheryl had been aware of her own intuition and sensitivity to things unseen. But neither of them could have guessed the ways in which their closeness and Sheryl’s attunement to the spirit world would manifest, through the grace of God. On the morning of December 18, 2012, about 12 a.m., Garry pulled over to the side of the road to rest, and suddenly died of cardiopulmonary arrest. In the weeks before his death, Sheryl had begun to experience supernatural occurrences, including precognitive dreams, and communications from spirits. Life After Death: Us Forever is the fascinating and compelling story of a father and daughter who allowed Jesus into their hearts, accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, and watched as His amazing gifts changed their lives.

– Sheryl H. Outlaw, author of Life After Death