Would Your Book Make a Great Movie?

If the publishing experience was a morning talk-show panel, it would be packed with authors throwing around buzzwords and expressions like “film rights” or “Hollywood option” or even “green light,” but what do these terms even mean? For the self-published author aspiring to take that next step and pursue translation to the silver or the small screen, the language of cinema can prove the first of many obstacles to overcome. But never fear–Outskirts Press is on hand to help you master both the vocabulary and the experience of a Hollywood treatment!

What are film rights?
When you choose to publish, it’s important to read the fine print about which rights you retain and which rights you give up whenever your book is distributed in a different medium–including film. As a self-published author, you must take special care to understand the boundaries of copyright and your personal rights–which, if you’re published through Outskirts Press, is an easy process!

What is an option?
A film option is a kind of rental, in that a studio or production company reserves the right to make your book into a film (or television show) … for a certain length of time. The standard option runs anywhere from one year to 18 months, during which time the studio attempts to secure the funds and other resources to adapt your work into a screenplay and get it ready for filming. An option can be $500 or it can be $5,000–and the amount depends entirely on how much the production company wants your work. An option serves as a kind of preliminary show of interest.

Getting the green light.
Getting the “green light” on a film means that a studio is willing to put serious money on the table to have it made–and since we’re talking about Hollywood here, we’re usually talking on the order of millions of dollars, which is a serious commitment for anyone! As an author, the best thing you can do to get that “green light” is to make sure you’ve done everything you can ahead of time to make your book as film-friendly as possible!

In addition to offering a whole host of packages that will set your movie up for Hollywood success, Outskirts Press would love to walk you through all of the ins and outs of pursuing a cinematic adaptation of your book! To learn more, peruse all of the Hollywood possibilities we offer, or speak to your Personal Marketing Assistant about how we can help you navigate the sometimes hazy world of personal rights, treatments, and screenplay adaptations.


Many authors dream of seeing their books on the big screen or as the basis for a long-running television series. Outskirts Press offers authors three unique opportunities to garner the attention they deserve from Hollywood producers with services named Book Your Trip to Hollywood. With each option, authors receive the feedback and/or participation of a real Hollywood producer and production company; the final results are added to a Hollywood database that is perused by industry professionals for new projects; and exclusive efforts to option the author’s book are immediately set into motion. These Hollywood options are:

  • Hollywood Action Plan: Get a true professional opinion from a true Hollywood producer at a real Hollywood production company.
  • Book-to-Hollywood Treatment: A Hollywood standard 7-10 page treatment is often a prerequisite to optioning a book or even having a screenplay written. Most producers or studios base their opinions of a work on the treatment.
  • Hollywood Screenplay: Ultimately, in order for a book to become a movie or television series, a screenplay must be written. These scripts conform to Hollywood formatting standards based upon type/genre and the copyright remains with the author (not the screenplay ghostwriter).

Get started today and watch your book on the big screen!

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Self-Publishing Authors Can Now Capture Hollywood’s Attention More Affordably

Now Outskirts Press offers all authors (self-published and otherwise) an affordably unique opportunity to garner the attention they deserve from Hollywood producers with a brand new option called Book Your Trip to Hollywood – Hollywood Action Plan.

Hollywood CoverageThe Hollywood Action Plan offers authors who believe their book would make a great movie or television series a more affordable way to get their book in front of Hollywood producers. Each purchase of the action plan includes an industry logline, suggestions for adaptation format, creative adaptation recommendations, a market analysis of sales potential and audience appeal, and the next steps for turning a book into a Hollywood-ready screenplay.

“It’s very common for authors to dream of seeing their books on the big screen,” states Outskirts Press Manager of Author Support Elise Connors. “The Hollywood Action Plan takes authors one step closer to realizing that dream.”

This service solves a real problem for many authors who dream of making it big in Hollywood. In fact, just getting Hollywood’s attention is nearly impossible, but with the Hollywood Action Plan from Outskirts Press, authors receive turn-key, full-service assistance with the push of a button. And with each option, authors receive the feedback and/or participation of a real Hollywood producer and production company; the final results are added to a Hollywood database that is perused by industry professionals for new projects; and exclusive efforts to option the author’s book are immediately set into motion. The author doesn’t have to lift a finger!

Traditionally published and self-published authors interested in “making it big” in Hollywood can learn more about the Hollywood Action Plan option here: http://outskirtspress.com/p/hollywoodaction.

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Looking for a More Affordable Route to Hollywood?

For those of you who believe your book would make a great movie or television series, Outskirts Press is introducing a new, more affordable solution for you! Perhaps you have considered ordering our Hollywood Treatment or Hollywood Screenplay options but the investment has made you think twice?

If so, The Hollywood Action Plan is just $799 and still puts your book in front of Hollywood producers! Would your book “make the cut” in Hollywood? Our Hollywood Action Plan is the most affordable way to find out. Each Hollywood Action Plan consists of 3-5 pages of in-depth studio-quality analysis that accurately describes your project so that buyers can see its strengths (and so you can correct any weaknesses).

Each Action Plan includes:

  • An industry logline: a short catchy phrase that describes your story and quickly captures the attention of potential buyers
  • Suggested adaptation format (movie, TV, web, etc)
  • Creative adaptation recommendations based on actual industry wants and needs
  • Market analysis of sales potential and audience appeal
  • Recommendations of what you can do next to take your book to the next Hollywood level

And last but not least… your book will be reviewed and considered by active producers looking for content like yours as an exclusive 3-year shopping window begins for your book! Just imagine: Your book and Action Plan automatically making the rounds in Hollywood as a hot property. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Your Action Plan will also be submitted to a searchable Hollywood database, used by other studios, executives, and producers seeking materials to pitch, option, or buy.

How much is it worth to you to get your book in front of the same Hollywood insiders who, combined, have worked on some of Hollywood’s hottest properties, including:

  • The Hunger Games
  • The Blind Side
  • True Blood
  • The Sopranos
  • … and many others

If you are serious about turning your book into a film or television series for broadcast or cable, this is the option to consider. We also offer full screenplay ghostwriting, but that is available only after you have a Hollywood Action Plan under your belt.

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