The NEW 2012 Holiday Book Marketing Kit is Now Available!

The holidays are right around the corner and Outskirts Press has an exclusive gift for you. The 2012 Holiday Marketing Bundle is a comprehensive one-click solution that delivers everything you need to sell books this holiday season, just in time for the biggest book-buying time of year!

With your secure purchase of the 2012 Holiday Marketing Bundle, you receive:

  • Ad space alongside other notable books in the New York Times Holiday Books Edition – Published each December, your co-op ad with up to 11 other Outskirts Press books will reach over 4 million book buyers. These aren’t casual shoppers. Many of the readers of this edition are educated and have six figure incomes. The best part of all is that they are looking for books to buy for themselves and loved ones. Your book could be the one!
  • An exclusive feature spotlight for your book in our Holiday Edition on the Outskirts Press blog – Your book will be featured on our blog during the 12 Days of Christmas. Every day, a different book will be featured and will be the only book highlighted that day. People come to our blog seeking the best in self-publishing. This is your opportunity to shine brightly to the community.
  • Inclusion in a holiday promotional book video distributed to YouTube and other video distribution channels and shared with the entire Outskirts Press Facebook community – A Christmas Promotional video will be produced featuring all the books who order the 2012 Holiday Marketing Bundle early. This exclusive video will be distributed to sites like: YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When people are looking for books to buy, they often consult their major social media channels first. If your book is seen, you can catch the eye of potential readers.
  • Holiday-themed Book Video Trailer to use in your own promotional efforts – Don’t just rely on our network. You will receive a holiday-themed Book Video Trailer for your book that you can share with any network you choose and we will also distribute it via YouTube and other major video distribution channels.
  • Annual storage fees waived for 2013 – Don’t worry about paying additional money when storage fees are due next year! That’s money that you can shop with. Your 2013 storage fees will be waived for the book you purchase the Holiday Marketing Bundle for.
  • 30 Minute consultation with a professional book marketing consultant – Book marketing can be complicated. Get real answers to your questions about promoting your book during the holidays with 30 minutes on the phone with an Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant.
  • Book marketing plan to be used during the holidays and over the course of the upcoming year – You need a plan, but where’s the time to create one? In addition to the 30 minute consultation, your Personal Marketing Assistant will provide you with a book marketing plan that you can use going forward.
  • Amazon Listing Optimization to spruce up your book listing for the holidays – Outdated, dry, and dull listings don’t sell books. Have your book description on Amazon and other retail sites re-written by a professional. Strong sales copy can mean the difference between strong holiday sales and weak holiday sales.

The only way you can lose with this amazing holiday marketing bundle is if you wait. This early offer is available only to the first 12 authors who order by October 31, 2012 on a first come, first served basis.

Click here now to learn more about the 2012 Holiday Marketing Bundle and complete your purchase.