A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

With the emergence of YouTube and other video websites, in many ways social media has become a largely video-centric world. Consumers of news, pop culture, marketing and other information, it seems, are digesting more of that information in video format. For self-publishing authors, it’s never been more important!

That’s not to say the written word is dying out – books do, and will, remain a popular form of entertainment – but Internet users looking for a quick bite of magazine-style information are turning to video in greater numbers. Videos offer a number of advantages over the printed word to both the communicator and the consumer.

Consider this: It is fairly easy for a reader to glance over a page and skip to passages they wish to read, possibly ignoring other vital information in the process. That’s less likely to happen with video, which disseminates information in a linear fashion and often in an entertaining way, making viewers less likely to skip around. With video, the communicator has the power to control what information the consumer gets, and when. That’s a powerful tool!

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