What Can a Book Fair Do For You?

What can a book fair do for you? There’s very little that they can’t do for you, really. They attract, quite literally, tens of thousands of highly passionate literary aficionados to further the art form that is the book. The London Book Fair alone attracts tens of thousands of attendees from over one hundred countries, and members of the media as well. Book fairs are positively packed with crowds of people determined to find new books to read and authors to follow. The book fair is a unique and unparalleled experience, and your self-publishing book belongs there.

It’s easy to think of book fairs as the stomping ground of the New York Times bestseller list, but they’re also for aspiring self-publishing authors, and the choice to include a book fair or two in your marketing plan may literally change your life … and sell a lot of books! Think about it: your book is a bonafide example of an author designing and creating and publishing exactly what he or she envisioned. Isn’t that exactly the sort of ethic and product that has a home at book fairs? Artistic integrity creates its own gravity, its own magnetic attraction to readers. Fair-goers pick up on authenticity right away!

A book fair revolves around authors and the worlds that they create. People can order whatever they like online — but people still flock to book fairs everywhere around the world. And why? Because they want to participate in the social world of books. They want to meet the people who make books happen.

If you’re worried about having to manage a booth at a book fair alone, here’s a solution which might appeal: Companies like Outskirts Press send representatives to book fairs for you. We sponsor booths to feature self-published books at home and abroad. We pay careful attention to the best ways in which one can section off space and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere out of a fair or exhibition space. We advocate for your book and send all leads for interested buyers directly to you for follow-up.

So, how do you make your book the star of the show? Good news, it’s easy! Log into your Publishing Center at www.outskirtspress.com and click on the Marketing Solutions menu. There, you’ll find a number of individual book fairs, such as Beijing or Frankfurt as well as a combination tour package. We have just the right way to help you take your book global!