NaNoWriMo Afterglow: 4 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Month’s Work

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in the home stretch now, with thousands of authors nationwide in their final sprint to finish by the November 30 deadline.It makes one wonder what will happen with all those finished and unfinished manuscripts that result from this exciting competition. For many, self-publishing their work is the next logical step.

So, how do we make that happen? Here are 4 steps you can take to get your NaNoWriMo project published (and start selling) before the summer book-buying season heats up.

  1. Reserve Your Publishing Package: Outskirts Press offers all-inclusive Diamond and Pearl self-publishing packages so you can customize your masterpiece the way YOU want it! Talk about perfect timing … Now that your marathon month of writing is finally over, you can let someone else do the hard work for a change!Self publishing iPad
  2. Get Writing Help: If you’ve churned out the 50,000 words necessary to win NaNoWriMo but your story isn’t quite tied up yet, you can still take a breather — talk to a ghostwriter about helping you finish what you started so your month of grueling writing will not have been in vain.
  3. Go Digital: If a full-blown paperback and ebook publishing plan isn’t want you had in mind, dip your toe into the self-publishing pool with one or more ebook editions first — iPad/iPhone, Barnes & Noble NOOK and/or Amazon Kindle. You can always print later.
  4. Talk to a PMA: Your PMA, or Personal Marketing Assistant, will help you map out a marketing strategy that you can implement when your book is finished — and you’ve rested up from that amazing NaNoWriMo feat you’ve just accomplished.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you finish that book you started with NaNoWriMo!

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Reasons (Other than Bragging Rights) Why Book Awards Are Meaningful

November is always a busy time for publishers and the authors they represent. Yes, we’re all gearing up for the holidays, but it’s also busy for another reason: It’s the official book awards season! This is a time when everyone’s scrambling to submit for a chance at recognition for their years of hard work.

It gives us the warm fuzzies to see authors take home hard-earned awards. It speaks to the quality of their work – and ours. Nothing makes an author puff out their chest with pride like having the descriptor “award-winning” appear in front of their name. But awards mean much more than bragging rights. Recognition by a panel of publishing industry experts carries with it a number of other tangible benefits:

  1. You gain visibility. While a positive book review by a major publication is a proud moment, a book award is press release worthy. A review means your book won over one very important reader, but a book award generally comes at the behest of an entire committee who measured your book against many others. That official stamp of approval is powerful!
  2. You gain a valuable marketing tool. Readers tend to take notice of books that have that so-called stamp of approval. A buyer who was straddling the fence about your book might be swayed by an endorsement like that. What’s more, your status as an award-winner is something you can use to strengthen your marketing efforts.
  3. Your influence grows. An award tells readers, reviewers, publications and potential interviewers that you are a talented force to be reckoned with. More important, it sends the message that you and your book are relevant. That buys you credibility and leverage for your current, and future, books.
  4. You receive valuable feedback. A book award is the strongest signal that you’re on the right track with your writing. If you can win over a tough crowd like an awards committee, you’ve clearly done your job as an author. Take any feedback from these committees – positive and negative — and use it to make your next effort even stronger.

Even if you’re not the type to seek approval from others, there’s no denying those real-world bonuses!


There are many book awards and contests available to authors; Outskirts Press has vetted them all to identify 6 of the most promising and meaningful. Now is the season to enter these great book awards! The Book Award Submissions Package includes everything you need to enter these 6 major book award contests. And the best part is, Outskirts Press takes care of all of the details!

The six awards are:

  • Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Awards
  • The National Best Books Awards
  • The Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • The Reader Views Literary Awards
  • The Benjamin Franklin Awards
  • ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Outskirts Press will handle all the details, including:

  • the award submission fee
  • registering your book with the contest
  • sending each program the necessary review copies of your book
  • accurately and completely filling out the necessary entry forms
  • selecting the most appropriate category for your book
  • shipping and handling costs of your book to each of the contest’s multiple judges

Many awards only accept books in the current copyright year (some will accept older books). If you just published your book this year, it is definitely the time to enter before it’s too late!

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“The physical appearance of my book is absolutely beautiful! Everyone thinks it’s lovely. The cover designers were great. Everyone I was in contact with was congenial and tried to be helpful. The book was printed on good quality paper, I liked the design at the page numbers and I loved the idea of capitalizing the first few words of each beginning paragraph of each new chapter. Overall it was a great experience. I thank everyone for being so pleasant.”

Bobbie Himes Hadfield and her husband, Fred, of fifty two years, live in Gastonia, North Carolina. Fred unknowingly plucked Bobbie from self destruction when he met her. He has always taken care of her and stands beside her when she needs someone to lean on. Their three adult children live nearby. Bobbie and Fred also have three adult grandchildren and one new great granddaughter.

Born into meager means, a very shy little girl was raised in southwest New Mexico. She met adversity at seemingly every turn but her inner determination and sense of survival against odds led her on an uphill struggle. She and her husband began raising a family at a very young age. Bobbie developed a sense of self worth early in life when she excelled rapidly in her piano lessons. Her music lessons brought about a sense that she had something of value to offer. A professional who has known Bobbie for several years says her story is no less than a miraculous sequence of events. He would say, “You will never believe this, but it’s all true!”

– Bobbie Himes Hadfield, author of Sometimes I Laugh Sometimes I Cry

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