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NaNoWriMo Afterglow: 4 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Month’s Work

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in the home stretch now, with thousands of authors nationwide in their final sprint to finish by the November 30 deadline.It makes one wonder what will happen with all those finished and unfinished manuscripts that result from this exciting competition. For many, self-publishing their work is the next logical step.

So, how do we make that happen? Here are 4 steps you can take to get your NaNoWriMo project published (and start selling) before the summer book-buying season heats up.

  1. Reserve Your Publishing Package: Outskirts Press offers all-inclusive Diamond and Pearl self-publishing packages so you can customize your masterpiece the way YOU want it! Talk about perfect timing … Now that your marathon month of writing is finally over, you can let someone else do the hard work for a change!Self publishing iPad
  2. Get Writing Help: If you’ve churned out the 50,000 words necessary to win NaNoWriMo but your story isn’t quite tied up yet, you can still take a breather — talk to a ghostwriter about helping you finish what you started so your month of grueling writing will not have been in vain.
  3. Go Digital: If a full-blown paperback and ebook publishing plan isn’t want you had in mind, dip your toe into the self-publishing pool with one or more ebook editions first — iPad/iPhone, Barnes & Noble NOOK and/or Amazon Kindle. You can always print later.
  4. Talk to a PMA: Your PMA, or Personal Marketing Assistant, will help you map out a marketing strategy that you can implement when your book is finished — and you’ve rested up from that amazing NaNoWriMo feat you’ve just accomplished.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you finish that book you started with NaNoWriMo!

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Top 10 Book Marketing Options for April 2011

Outskirts Press is an industry leader in providing post-publication support, products, and services to its growing family of published authors. Because we know how confusing it can be to pick the right marketing solution for your book, we publish our list of Top 10 Book Marketing Options each month to help you prioritize your book marketing efforts.

The top-ranking options are determined by how many self-published authors sign up for them. Many of these products and services are even available to authors who did not publish with Outskirts Press. Visit our Marketing Solutions page to view the growing list of available book marketing options.

These are the marketing products and services determined to be most popular by our authors for April 2011, listed below in alphabetical order:

1st Chapter Preview Library Distribution

This option allows you to introduce your book to libraries, bookstores, media, reviewers, bloggers and readers by running a quarter page full-color ad along with a free preview of your first chapter in this catalog for three consecutive months.

Amazon Extreme Package

This is a package deal that lets you save 25% on three amazing marketing tactics centered around Amazon: The Amazon Kindle Edition, Search Inside the Book, and the Keyword Search Submission Service. Plus a free copy of the Amazon best selling book, Sell Your Book on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle Edition

The Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary wireless reading device that allows its owners to instantly download books and newspapers. This is the new way that people are buying books. However, only books that have been submitted to the Amazon Kindle via the required process and in the required format are available for Kindle readers to purchase and enjoy.

Amazon Search Inside the Book

This service allows your potential buyer to browse your book online just as they would in a “traditional” bookstore. This alleviates a lot of the the anxiety associa ted with purchasing books online.

BEA Book Fair Submission

This option allows you to get your book exposed at the largest and most popular industry book fair and publishing event in the United States.

Book Blast

This package includes five of our most popular (and most effective) marketing services, making for very well-rounded book marketing solution. Every Book Blast comes with: a Custom Press Release, PR Publicist Campaign, Book Review Submission Service, Book Video Trailer, and 5 hours with a Personal Marketing Assistant for one price.

Bookmarks (500 ct.)

Bookmarks are a wonderful promotional item to pass out because people rarely throw them away; they actually use them! They might as well use a bookmark that promotes your book.

Boston Review Co-op Ad

This option allows you to promote your book to the 30,000 intellectual readers of Boston Review for a fraction of what it would cost to do on your own.

Custom Press Release

Have our professional press release writer compose an original, unique press release for your book, submitted to you for your review/approval, and then distributed to our news wire service on your behalf.

Virtual Book TourPublishers Weekly Co-op Ad

This option allows you to reach over 80,000 booksellers, publishers, public and academic librarians, wholesalers, distributors, agents, and writers in addition to more than 360,000 unique monthly website visitors with a color ad in the “most visible and trusted publication to market your products and services”.

Outskirts Press authors who are interested in any of these options can find further details and ordering information by clicking on the name (or image) of the option above. Information about either of these solutions can be found on the Marketing Options page of your Publishing Center. Authors who published elsewhere can visit our Marketing Solutions page to get more information about any of the marketing options available to order.


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