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You could win a free iPad this holiday season! Top 5 Headlines
What’s better than owning an Apple iPad? Receiving one for free!Start publishing your book with Outskirts Press in 2010 and you could win a free 16GB Wi-Fi-enabled Apple iPad of your very own.

The winner will be selected from among eligible authors
based upon the strength of the manuscript being submitted for publication, as determined by our Evaluation Department.

You are eligible to receive the free gift even if you have
already paid your deposit and/or submitted your manuscript. But you must complete your Diamond or Pearl Full-Color publishing package payment before December 15th, 2010 to be eligible. No promotion
code is necessary.

Now the top 4 benefits of publishing with Outskirts Press
in December are:

  • You keep 100% of your rights
  • You keep 100% of your profits
  • You keep 100% of the control
  • You could receive a free Apple iPad

Give yourself the gift of publication this holiday season, and perhaps you can add the gift of a free Apple
Publish your book today.

Publishing Promotion

Win a FREE iPad!

Join the Digital Revolution with Outskirts Press Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers
The iPad Giveaway is just one way Outskirts Press authors
are joining the Digital Revolution. And there are more ways to get extra exposure for your book through e-book options, services, and partnerships with Outskirts Press.Thanks to a new program, published Outskirts Press authors can submit their e-book to Free-Ebooks.Net for free and receive a 20% discount on e-book promotional services with the valid promotion code.

Published Outskirts Press authors received the private link and special promotion code from the Marketing COACH on Monday. As future Outskirts Press authors are published, the Marketing COACH will provide you with your promotion code, as well.

The Marketing COACH is a free book marketing tool for Diamond and Pearl authors, courtesy of Outskirts Press.

The Amazon Kindle Edition is yet another way authors can join the Digital Revolution. Regardless of whether
you have published your book with Outskirts Press or elsewhere, the Amazon
Kindle Option makes it easy to get your published book onto the digital shelves of Amazon’s top-selling digital reader, just in time for Christmas!

Speaking of the Kindle, our Facebook Fans will be eligible to win a free Amazon Kindle this holiday season with our Facebook-exclusive writing contest. Become a fan on our page today to be the first to receive all the details about this exciting giveaway.

As you can see, the iPad Giveaway is just one of many ways Outskirts Press authors can join the Digital Revolution. And speaking of the iPad, stay tuned to Outskirts Press for exciting news concerning our new iPad Edition option, being announced soon!

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Author Spotlight & Success Story
“I have been writing stories since I was very young. Everyone finds their niche, and although I found mine as a music teacher, I continued to write short stories, songs and poetry in my spare time.In 2009, I discovered Outskirts Press. Not to sound too excited, but I became ecstatic! You see, I had written a full-length novel called DIMENSIONS: The Wheat Field, and had in fact been looking for a literary agent to market it. Once I spoke to the Outskirts people, I knew what they offered was what I wanted.Now, at the end of 2010 I am just about to embark on my first book singing for my second novel with Outskirts Press, DIMENSIONS II: The Plethora. I could not be happier. Outskirts supplied everything I needed to publish these two books, and they worked with me whenever there was a confused moment or an error to correct. The books themselves look entirely professional, with unique and catchy artwork for my covers. Outskirts also continues to keep in touch through the Marketing COACH with wonderful ideas for marketing my books.My experiences have been nothing short of delightful, dealing with knowledgeable and helpful Outskirts staff members along the way, culminating in the dream of publishing a book (or two) coming true. I highly recommend Outskirts Press to any quality writers out there who are looking for a publisher.  Outskirts Press is a class organization.” – Dave Willert, author of Dimensions and Dimensions II

Are you ready to experience your own success story?


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