Congratulations to the 2015 Outskirts Press EVVY Award Winners!

Outskirts Press has released the winners of the 2015 EVVY Awards. The EVVY Awards recognize excellence in independently published books as determined by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). Denver-based Outskirts Press is a full-service self-publishing and book-marketing company that helps people write, publish and market the book of their dreams.

Winning an EVVY Award is a prerequisite to being named the Outskirts Press 2014 Best Book of the Year Award-winner and walking away with a Grand Prize of $1,500. The Outskirts Press 2014 Best Book of the Year Award recognizes the best book published by Outskirts Press in 2014 as decided by a social community of self-publishing authors.

Congratulations to all of the 2015 EVVY Award winners below!

1st Place Winners
E.J. Brown, author of “Speechless”
Andrew Ceroni, author of “Snow Men”
John Hudson, author of “Dust To Dust”

3rd Place Winners
Adam J. Beardslee, author of “Out of Reech”
John Quist, author of “What’s Wrong with That Door?”
Jan Spiller, author of “The Astrology of Success”
Peter C. Stone, author of “Dreams to Dance in Moonlight”
Dr. Peggy Turnage, author of “Big Albert the Camel”
Fritzie Von Jessen, author of “Growing Up Ugly”

Merit Winners
Bonnie M. Anderson, author of “Pluto the Starfish”
Michael Burns, author of “Oliver Ornament”
Lawayne Childrey, author of “Peeling Back the Layers”
KaMuLanS, author of “Keys to Armageddon”
John Koski, author of “Pinos Altos”
John Mero, author of “A Holiday From Time”
Todd Michael Putnam, author of “The Garden of Life”
David M. Tavernier, author of “More Stories of the Rich and Famous”
Laura K. Wagner, author of “The Back-Up Mom”

Congratulations to these EVVY Finalists
Will Ottinger, author of “A Season for Ravens”
Rodney Keeney, author of “Cowboy in the Sand”
Roy Albert Andrade, author of “Cultivating the DNA of Crime”
Carol Leslie Bradley, author of “The Inheritance”
Mae Durden-Nelson, author of “In the Outside”
Dortha Jackson, author of “Isn’t It Funny?”
Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis, author of “Keys to Opening A Successful Business”
Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston, author of “The Lucky Seven Show”
Cory Mertes, author of “Micropolis – The Adventure of Johnny Redblood”
L. Gina Davis, author of “Ooh Lolita”
Stephen R. Champi, author of “The Renaissance and the 21st Century”
Pamela Zembiec, author of “Selfless Beyond Service”
Becca Mann, author of “The Stolen Dragon of Quanx”
Nina Johnson, author of “The Story of the Unlucky Teacher and Her Koalas”
E.M. Dixon, author of “Tale Of Tails”
Alfred Sotomayor, author of “Unconditional Letters of Love”
Georgianna Jeans, author of “Wafford Springs”
M.S. Matassa, author of “The Well House”
John Brown, author of “Why Not? Conquering The Road Less Traveled”
Matthew Krumsiek, author of “The Wretched Road to Success”

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