Outskirts Press Celebrates LitWorld’s 15th Anniversary—Today!

Once a year, LitWorld hosts the LitWorld World of Stories Gala.

Since 2007, LitWorld has partnered with organizations worldwide to encourage self-expression, understanding, and confidence in young people—all through literacy and stories. And all year this year, which is also LitWorld’s 15th year, Outskirts Press has been proud to sponsor the organization.

When literacy educator and author Pam Allyn visited Kibera, an area of Nairobi, Kenya, she was struck by a stark dichotomy: the kids she met loved reading, writing, and listening to and telling stories, but many faced a lot of significant challenges to enjoying literacy. Extreme poverty and gender inequality kept many children from school, and books, writing supplies, and other resources were limited.

Called to help, Allyn returned home to New York and, with friends and local leaders, created a community-based approach to literacy programs and training. These include LitClubs, LitCamps, and World Read Aloud Day—and altogether, they form LitWorld, a nonprofit organization.

Once a year, LitWorld hosts the LitWorld World of Stories Gala. Tonight, the gala is not just celebrating the power of stories and the impact of the organization’s work but also commemorating LitWorld’s 15th anniversary. So, Outskirts Press raises a glass to you, LitWorld!

Learn more about LitWorld’s mission.

Outskirts Press Is Proud to Sponsor LitWorld in 2022

We so loved being a part of World Read Aloud Day on February 2 that we thought, let’s keep this good work going! Outskirts Press is proud to sponsor LitWorld, the organization behind World Read Aloud Day and reading programs for children throughout the year.

Like Outskirts Press, LitWorld believes in the power of reading and writing; just as we know all our authors have a unique story to tell, LitWorld values each child’s personal story as part of the fabric of our world.

LitWorld’s programs include LitClub, a weekly after-school literacy and empowerment program that brings together mentors and small groups of young students to share stories and develop as leaders. Along with Scholastic, LitWorld hosts LitCamp each summer, reaching over a million preschool-through-eighth-grade students yearly with engaging lessons that teach them how to embrace and use their own voices to make a difference in their communities. We appreciate how nimble LitWorld has been during the pandemic, creating and offering virtual resources to supplement what children have lost by having limited access to libraries and schools.

Outskirts Press can’t wait to see what LitWorld does this year—and we’re excited to be part of the community making that happen!

Outskirts Press is a Proud Sponsor of LitWorld and World Read Aloud Day

Outskirts Press sponsors World Read Aloud Day

Outskirts Press is proud to sponsor LitWorld in 2022 and is just as excited to offer a featured book list to celebrate World Read Aloud Day. Take a look at our list to find just the right book to read aloud!

Learn more about LitWorld here: https://www.litworld.org/

Click on the videos below to watch some of our featured authors reading a short snippet of their book.