Essential Steps for connecting readers with your social media accounts

You already know the power of social media. You already know the convenience of sending your readers to your Author Webpage to purchase your book. Imagine the power if you combined the two. Our new Social Media Author Upgrade option does just that.

The Social Media Author Upgrade option gives you the ability to upgrade your Author Webpage to a version that is in Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD means that your Webpage will look great regardless of the type of device the viewer is using, whether it be a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Your RWD Author Webpage will also include easy ordering links for your various formats – paperback, hardback, Kindle, Nook and iPad editions.

Here’s the best part! The newly designed Author Webpage will allow you to connect viewers of your Author Webpage with your various social media accounts. This means that everyone who views your Author Webpage will also be able to connect with you on your personal social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,  Pinterest and LinkedIn. And, as you know, the more your audience is able to connect with you, the greater the chances that they will buy your book!

Upgrade your Author Webpage today and get more social media exposure for your book!

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