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As a Mighty Stream The Life of an American Rabbi

by Herbert David Teitelbaum

Price: $19.95

Herbert David Teitelbaum’s “As a Mighty Stream The Life of an American Rabbi.” From Korea to Krakow, an American Rabbi’s life in world events. Rabbi Herbert David Teitelbaum describes his service as an Army Chaplain during the Korean War, in the struggle for civil rights with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma Alabama in 1965, and regarding the 1976 mission to the Soviet Union where he brought support to Jewish refuseniks.

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  1. For almost 60 years, we at Congregation Beth Jacob in Redwood City have known what a treasure David Teitelbaum is! Now the everyone can learn what this community knows so well – David has been a leader and thinker in key moments of modern Jewish history. His passion for teaching, his example of activism, his keen mind have touched many of our lives profoundly. Enjoy this wonderful book!

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