3 Tips for Self-Publishing During the Holidays

So, Black Friday 2014 has passed and you survived it intact. Pat yourself on the back for keeping your wits, and your sanity, about you during the rush.

Now, as a soon-to-be published author, you may be wondering whether you’ve lost out on the holiday book-buying rush by not getting your book to print by Black Friday. Would you believe it may not be too late to put shoppers’ holiday buying urges to work for you?

Just in time for Christmas, here are 3 tips for self-publishing during the holidays that should brighten your holidays, whether you’re new to Outskirts Press or new to self-publishing in general:

  1. Go electronic. Most authors who are publishing for the first time forget that paperback and hardback aren’t their only selling options. In fact, e-books are a large and growing segment of the bookselling market. Start publishing your book in an e-book format at the same time as your hardcopy format. The e-book format will be available in no time, and can help generate buzz for your hardcopy format before it’s published.
  2. Think long-term. If you’re publishing for the first time, think ahead to upcoming book-buying opportunities. It can take about 12 weeks from start to finish to get a new paperback book to print. While you rush your e-book to market for Christmas, look to Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, summer reading and other big book-buying occasions as opportunities to debut the paperback edition.
  3. Save money. If you start publishing with Outskirts Press this month, you can save 10% on your publishing package. That means you can still start publishing now and have more money in your pocket for holiday shopping! See below for details.

Take advantage of these self-publishing tips and have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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“I enjoyed my experience with Outskirts Press. Bridget was awesome. I am now currently working on two more books and I will definitely be publishing with Outskirts Press again. Thanks for a book well done.”

Sharon Denise Jones is the youngest of five siblings. She was born and raised in Lexington Tennessee. She grew up on a small farm and was always considered a tomboy. Helping on the farm and cooking with her mother were the best days of her childhood. Especially holidays, when her mother would make sure her sister Jackie and Sharon were involved in the kitchen in some way. She’s happily married to Anthony Bernard Jones, and also a proud mother of three wonderful children and the grandmother of three. As she got older, she realized that cooking and taking care of people with special needs are her passions.

This lavishly produced book, Cooking Up With The Jones’, brims with color photographs of food and two substitution charts. This book was produced to have mass-market appeal to those who are just beginning to cook and say they can’t even boil water; and second, for those who have been trying to cook and wonder why their meals don’t taste like Mother’s or Grandma’s cooking, or even the food of their favorite Restaurant. In Cooking Up With The Jones’, you will find those flavors with recipes that range from appetizers, desserts-such as Old Fashioned Pound Cakes, Meats, Buttermilk Pancakes, and plenty more. Included are substitution charts that will benefit others on a more restrictive diet.

– Sharon Denise Jones, author of Cooking Up With the Jones’

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