5 Self-Publishing Tips for Television Book Promotion

Getting on TV can definitely help build buzz for your book. No matter who publishes your book, these 5 tips will help you:

1. Be unique

If you believe some estimates, there are over 400,000 books published every year in America. Not only does your book have to be different, but so do you. And you need to be able to demonstrate that unique quality in an appealing, personable way. Television is a visual medium – your uniqueness cannot be off-putting; it needs to be engaging.

When teenage author Montana Hintermann appeared on NBC for her first book, her age made her unique. She wrote Envisioned when she was just 14 and published it professionally with Outskirts Press just 2 years later. Her success story lead to television interviews on NBC, additional press coverage in local papers, and the publication of her second book with Outskirts Press, titled Sahara’s Tears.

2. Be courteous

Television producers are busy people and they are constantly under a deadline. There is a fine line between persistent and annoying. Cross the line at your peril. Get to know the producer’s schedule and always make contact when you know they are not “on-deadline.” How do you know? You ask them. The first words out of your mouth during a phone call with a television producer should be “Are you on-deadline at the moment?”

3. Be prepared

Yes, being on Good Morning America or Oprah is a great goal. In fact, the exclusive Outskirts Press Marketing COACH offers a crash course on Oprah within the first year after your book is published with Outskirts Press. Before aiming for Oprah, aim for the local television market. Practice being in front of the camera and on live television so that when your moment to shine comes, you are brilliant!

4. Be professional

Television shows are not interested in helping you sell copies of your book. That will be a by-product of a successful appearance. Instead, they are interested in entertaining and educating their viewers. Be engaging,
professional, entertaining, and knowledgeable about your subject. Share information with the viewers. If you are a good guest, the show will promote your book for you, and they may invite you back.

5. Be timely

Television is immediate. It is here and now. You have to make a timely connection to your book, based upon a holiday or a current events story already in the news. Don’t expect the producer to make the timely connection for you. Your pitch should focus on how timely your subject matter is. If you’re not sure what is happening in the news, start watching the news. You cannot be news worthy if you are not news savvy.

Outskirts Press author Barbara Bitela appeared on CBS to discuss her book, The Art of Regifting during the shopping and holiday season. The timeliness of her topic and her steadfast adherence to the 4 tips above also lead to a feature interview on National Public Radio.

Is there a reason Outskirts Press authors are so successful at generating buzz for their books? Perhaps it is because Outskirts Press books look professional and meet industry standards and specifications (like perfect bindings and price-embedded barcodes). Or perhaps it is because the exclusive Outskirts Press Marketing COACH assists published authors for years after publication.

No matter the reasons, Outskirts Press can lead to wonderful success stories for you, too. Yes, the power
of the press works wonders for all authors, regardless of who publishes your book. It just may be harder if you publish somewhere else.

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