One self-published author’s story


“My entry as a newbie into the culture of publishing began when I attended several writers’ conferences. There I discovered hundreds of dejected writers clutching manuscripts of the next Great American Novel, lamenting their struggle finding an agent who would fall in love with their work. So when, within a week of my very first foray, I received a call from one of New York’s most coveted agencies asking to represent Break And Hold, I was jubilant. It was a Sally-Fields-at-the-Oscars moment. You mean you like me? You really like me?

No sooner had the ink dried on the contract than I lost control of Break And Hold. A thirteen-month roller-coaster began where the book languished on the desks of the Top Ten publishers, who all turned it down. We didn’t quite fall in love with it, they parroted. Nevertheless the agency prevailed upon me to be patient. It’s the nature of the beast, they cooed. We love it – we’ll find a home for your book. Give us six more months, they begged. Finally in a moment of clarity, I wrenched the book back.

Enter … Outskirts Press, a brilliantly conceived, all-encompassing book publishing service that delivers. Break And Hold found a home. My articulate, informed, author representative extraordinaire, was assigned. Never once was I left in suspended animation. Printing was expedited at jet speed to meet a deadline for a book signing at the U.S. Open. Nobody dropped the ball. The final product was extraordinary. There is more … a series of interviews on national radio talk shows and television addressing the timely issues raised in Break And Hold are booked throughout 2008.

You know what, Outskirts Press? I like you. I really like you.”

-Vivien Kalvaria,
successfully published Outskirts Press author of Break And Hold

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