Outskirts Press Launches 4th Annual Fandemonium Facebook Anthology

Who doesn’t love spring? It’s a time of warmth and renewal. In honor of this season, we’re renewing something that’s quickly becoming a much-anticipated spring tradition: Fandemonium. We’re all set to take submissions for Fandemonium Volume 4, and we want your inspired works!

For three years now, Fandemonium has brought Outskirts Press Facebook fans together to experience the joy of publishing with us first-hand, while benefiting a great cause along the way. We’re inviting our Facebook community to submit poetry, short stories, excerpts, recipes or anecdotes for free publication in the annual Outskirts Press Facebook anthology, Fandemonium, now through April 30, 2014.

Do you have a short story, poem or other short work you’d like to enter for consideration? Getting published in the Facebook Fandemonium is simple:

  • Submit your work as a regular “Status Update” on your own Facebook page.
  • Tag Outskirts Press in your Update (type @Outskirts somewhere in the body of the message — the page should pop up in a drop down message and then select it).
  • Make sure the privacy setting is set to “Public.”
  • Submit your entry before April 30, and tell all your friends to vote for your submission by “liking” it on Facebook.

The submissions with the highest number of likes will be considered for inclusion in Fandemonium Volume 4. Submissions can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry, and entries under 5,000 words will be considered first.

The result of this unique crowdsourcing effort is a collection of superior writing from the Outskirts Press Facebook community, the profits of which provide much-needed funding to a worthy cause. Proceeds from the sale of the 2014 Fandemonium collection will be donated to the American Red Cross on behalf of Outskirts Press and its Facebook fans.

To submit your work for Fandemonium Volume 4 now, go to Facebook.com/outskirtspress.

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Christina Steiner lives in Southern California. She is the mother of two daughters who loved illustrated children’s books when they were growing up. The Sad Tree and Pronuba was inspired by Christina’s visit to the Mojave Desert where she became fascinated by the Joshua Tree and the desolate environment in which it flourishes.

The desert is a lonely place for Joshua, a tree who has never seen another tree like him. He asks everyone in his environment to help him find a companion…but although the desert loves him, nobody can help. Things change for Joshua one beautiful spring night when a tiny moth comes to visit. This exquisite story about the life-cycle relationship between the Joshua Tree and the Pronuba Moth will delight readers of all ages.

– Christina Steiner, author of The Sad Tree and Pronuba

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