The Value of a Personal Marketing Assistant in Modern-Day Book Marketing

In today’s wired world, there are more ways than ever for an author to reach out to potential readers – if they know how.

While traditional book signings, press releases, face-to-face meetings with bookstore owners and interviews remain terrific channels for book marketing, the means by which we negotiate these avenues is constantly changing. What’s more, there’s a whole new world of Internet marketing – social media, websites, video marketing, blogging, etc. – that has complicated how we reach out to consumers.

Today’s marketer must not only be creative, but exceptionally tech-savvy as well. This is where the Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants come in. Our Personal Marketing Assistants can help you with:

  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Coordinating and scheduling book signing events
  • Establishing/developing your author platform
  • Marketing campaign lead follow up
  • And much, much more!

To that end, Outskirts Press has cherry-picked some of the most talented and experienced marketing professionals in the publishing business. We’d like you to meet a few of the Personal Marketing Assistants who can help take your book marketing to the next level.

Lisa S. Neal
Lisa brings more than 16 years of experience in marketing, marketing research and sales to Outskirts Press. She has an MBA from Pepperdine and a B.S. in Business Administration from Drake University, and has worked for leading consumer goods companies such as Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson, and AC Nielsen.

“My Personal Marketing Assistant, Lisa, was very responsive to our particular situation and opportunities. She helped me learn how to use some excellent online marketing tools and did some of the contacting of radio and television stations so I wouldn’t be the one representing myself. I really enjoyed our time on the phone together and the way she follows up with email.” – Karin Gunderson, author of Encounters with Heaven: Stories of God’s Surprising Presence

Rob Mangelson
Rob is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 16 years experience in multiple industries in both traditional and online marketing. Through his experience and education, Rob has developed a keen sense of relationship and loyalty marketing, and offers a unique understanding of a variety of markets.

“As a new author, I must say having Rob Mangelson as my PMA was a great experience. Not only did he assist me in reaching some of my sales and marketing goals, but also towards gaining lots of exposure for my book – which included, getting me an interview on a radio show, but also arranging my first book signing! In addition, Rob provided me with a lot of helpful tips and connections on the way!” – S.L. Holliday, author of My Identity Christ-is: Stay in the Game.

Tomica Bonner

Tomica has six years of business and marketing experience assisting authors and writers. She holds a B.A. from Baker College in Business Management and has been published by several online businesses, such as Intuit, AOL and Chron Business.

“Tomica was very cool and thorough in the marketing process. She excelled in troubleshooting the difficulties met within the process of publishing. I learned so much through these experiences.” – M.U. Salas-Tristan, author of Rocky’s ABC Book With His Friends

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Jennifer’s management of my publishing can be evidenced by the finished product: Excellent. The book is PERFECT from front cover to back. My questions were always answered in a very timely and professional manner. I’m already working on my next submission and fully intend to utilize Outskirts Press again. I would recommend them to anyone interested in self-publishing, be it their first or fifth project. You will not be disappointed!”

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Ellen Cumbess, author of Tales of a Lion

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