Why Publish in 1 Format When You Can Publish in 3?

Selling books is a tricky bit of business. The act of marketing is no longer relegated to just pitching your product face-to-face. These days, there’s the virtual marketplace to contend with as well. How does a self-publishing author crack the selling code solo?

There’s no brief or easy answer to that question—selling is a marathon, not a sprint—but there is one mantra every author should keep in mind along the journey: Remove buying hurdles. The easier it is for people to purchase your book, the more likely and the more often they’ll do just that! For example, some book-buyers are attached to their e-readers, while others enjoy a newly minted hardcover book. Cater to as many tastes as possible. Each format you offer opens up access to an audience of millions.

Outskirts Press is removing a couple of hurdles to self-publishing for various readers for a limited time with 3 book formats for the price of 1. When you self-publish with this offer, we’ll give you a FREE Hardback Format ($349 value) and FREE Amazon Kindle eBook Edition (valued at $249) to go with the paperback format that comes with your package. That’s $598 worth of free publishing options and a book that’s instantly available to millions more readers!

To get 3 book formats for the price of 1, purchase the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package today and enter promo code Buy1-Get3 at checkout.

Would you like help choosing your best self-publishing option? Connect with Outskirts Press now in whatever manner is easiest for you:


2 thoughts on “Why Publish in 1 Format When You Can Publish in 3?

  1. Hi Folks,

    Nice offer…… just a bit late for me !


    Michael (aka.Tom Quinn😇😈)

    1. Hi Michael,
      We agree that this promotion is late for your first book but how about for your second book? We currently have a 19% Off promotion with more publishing promotions throughout the year. When your second book is ready to publish, you can definitely take advantage of another promotion. Happy New Year! Brie Curtis, Marketing Department

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