Why Publish in 1 Format When You Can Publish in 3?

Selling books is a tricky bit of business. The act of marketing is no longer relegated to just pitching your product face-to-face. These days, there’s the virtual marketplace to contend with as well. How does a self-publishing author crack the selling code solo?

There’s no brief or easy answer to that question—selling is a marathon, not a sprint—but there is one mantra every author should keep in mind along the journey: Remove buying hurdles. The easier it is for people to purchase your book, the more likely and the more often they’ll do just that! For example, some book-buyers are attached to their e-readers, while others enjoy a newly minted hardcover book. Cater to as many tastes as possible. Each format you offer opens up access to an audience of millions.

Outskirts Press is removing a couple of hurdles to self-publishing for various readers for a limited time with 3 book formats for the price of 1. When you self-publish with this offer, we’ll give you a FREE Hardback Format ($349 value) and FREE Amazon Kindle eBook Edition (valued at $249) to go with the paperback format that comes with your package. That’s $598 worth of free publishing options and a book that’s instantly available to millions more readers!

To get 3 book formats for the price of 1, purchase the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package today and enter promo code Buy1-Get3 at checkout.

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