New York Times Features Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Author Lori Bassett

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The New York Times Holiday Edition features self-published author Lori Bassett.

About the Author

What happens behind closed doors truly is only known by the ones behind those doors. My story, I’m sure, is the same as many others, yet known by very few. My quiet, mid-western life in small town, USA, now consists solely of peace, happiness and true love, thanks to my wonderful family and the few friends I have left.

Paper Roses

Growing up we learn that there is no such thing as the boogie man. We learn that shadows will not hurt us. We learn not to be afraid of the dark. We learn not to talk to strangers. We spend years looking under the bed and in the closet, just to see there really are no monsters there. We also learn that love is a good thing. Love brings us together. Love protects us. Love is where we want to be. Sadly, we also learn, not everyone is taught the same way. Sometimes all those demons do exist and sometimes hearing “I love you” should make you turn around and run away.

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Paper Roses: A Story of Imitation Love

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Lori Bassett’s “Paper Roses: A Story of Imitation Love.” Have you ever lost yourself so badly that you didn’t recognize the face staring at you in the mirror? I fell, so hard, in love with a man who turned me into someone I didn’t know. I became his pawn and he put me where he wanted me to be. Eventually, he tossed me aside like yesterday’s trash. But, there is life after misery. I survived and I am really happy now.


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