Outskirts Press Author Appears in Oprah’s Audience: Alexander Devereux

Alexander Devereux
Alexander is in the first row on the right.

On Friday, November 5, 2010, Alexander was in the audience of the Oprah Winfrey show, along with 200 other men who suffered from sexual abuse during their childhood. This is the same abuse he shares in detail in his book, Gar Fish & Long Gravy.

Alexander Devereux’s Gar Fish & Long Gravy: Memoirs of Southern Sensibility, published by Outskirts Press, collects the stories, insight, tragedies, and uproarious wit of an unforgettable cast of characters.

Based on real-life experiences, Gar Fish & Long Gravy is about the mistakes we make, the loves we share, and the stories we tell each other that make us who we are. It is the touching story of a boy who ultimately breaks free of the poverty and abuse of his extended family, yet never forgets the important lessons he learned along the way.


Alexander Devereux overcame epilepsy at birth, dyslexia, and poverty to graduate from college and become a highly successful professional. An ordained minister, he works in the administrative field of higher education. Devereux is at work on his second book, a follow-up to Gar Fish and Long Gravy. He lives in Atlanta.

A brief interview with Alexander is featured here: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/In-His-Own-Words-Male-Survivors-Speak-Out/20.

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/alexanderdevereux.



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Oprah’s Network Audition by Outskirts Press Author Tara Meyer-Robson — Vote Today!

Click the link below to watch Outskirts Press author Tara Meyer-Robson in her audition for Oprah’s Next TV Star and VOTE NOW!

CARPE DIEM 52: One person. One week. One awesome life

Tara Meyer-Robson is an emerging new voice in the field of life transformation and personal growth. She is CEO and Creative Director of The Flow, a company dedicated to helping individuals, companies, and health care organizations achieve success and wellness with ease.

Tara brings her unique voice and sense of humor to everything that she does, breaking down difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand, completely engaging, and enjoyable to learn about. It is her authentic love of people and desire to help others achieve their best that drives her, and this authenticity comes across in everything that she does.

Once given an award for being a “Woman with a Mission”, it is now her mission to reach out and teach as many people as possible how to create amazing, healthy, struggle-free lives.

Tara has consulted and conducted seminars and life transformation workshops on a national basis for healthcare organizations, associations, hotels and spas, and companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small businesses.

For more information or to order a copy, visit www.outskirtspress.com/TheFlow.  On her website (www.flowwithlife.com), you can join The Flow community, sign up for the newsletter, find out about book signings and workshops, and take The Flow Factor Test.

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What do Oprah Winfrey, Outskirts Press, and Self-Publishing Authors Have in Common?

self publishing with the kindleThey all love the Amazon Kindle! On Friday, October 24th Oprah Winfrey declared on her show that the Amazon Kindle was her new favorite gadget, and went on to say it would change everything.


Revolutionize, really.  According to the Association of American Publishers, the sale of e-books has grown nearly 56% since 2002. The Kindle, which was announced with much fanfare in 2007, is an integral part of this trend. Unlike previous iterations of “ebook readers,” the Amazon Kindle is easy to operate, comfortable to use, and has many attractive consumer options.


Authors recognize the benefits and the potential of the Kindle, too. “Oprah’s endorsement of the Kindle is going to send sales of the device skyrocketing,” stated Outskirts Press CEO Brent Sampson. “Always on the cutting-edge of the industry, Outskirts Press is excited to introduce our Amazon Kindle Submission Service, which helps our published authors get their ebooks available on the Kindle in time to reap the benefits from this buzz.”

This new marketing option for Outskirts Press authors makes it remarkably easy for authors to present their work in digital format, which customers can then download to the Kindle, Amazon’s popular electronic reading device. The Amazon Kindle edition then appears in Amazon’s search results (along with any other formats such as paperback or hardback editions), resulting in increased exposure of the book’s cover. This brings the book browser that much closer to becoming a book buyer.



Does Oprah Love the Amazon Kindle?

Speaking of the Kindle, be sure to watch the Oprah Winfrey show on Friday, October 24th to see if the Amazon Kindle qualifies as Oprah’s newest “favorite gadget ever.”  Is she talking about the Kindle when she says it will change everything? Tune in to find out, and then when the buzz erupts, be sure your book is already a part of the Kindle library by submitting your published book to the Amazon Kindle with the Outskirts Press Amazon Kindle Submission Service, available for Outskirts Press books.

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