Amazon-Branded Featured Book-of-the-Week Option Offers 3 Key Benefits to Self-Publishing Authors

One of the biggest marketing challenges for authors is generating awareness about their book. Readers have to know a book exists in order to buy it. Outskirts Press offers self-publishing authors a book marketing option that puts a self-publishing author’s book in front of thousands of potential buyers: The Amazon-Branded Featured Book-of-the-Week.

The Amazon-branded Featured Book-of-the-Week options is a direct marketing campaign to thousands of recipients, all readers, writers and professionals. The email features the featured book’s cover image and title as well as an easy to access link for readers to purchase the book directly from Amazon. In addition to the email, each featured book-of-the-week is featured on the Outskirts Press blog and broadcast to Outskirts Press’ social media community via Facebook and Twitter.

Getting your book in front of readers is an essential part of any book marketing strategy. This option provides authors with an easy and affordable way to do just that.

What benefits can a self-publishing author gain from signing up for the Amazon-branded Featured Book-of-the-Week?

  1. Increased Exposure – The Featured Book-of-the-Week is sent to thousands of email subscribers, over 12,000 Facebook users, and more than 4,000 Twitter followers.
  2. No Effort Marketing – All authors have to do is purchase this popular book marketing option. Outskirts Press handles the promotion from there.
  3. Effective Marketing Techniques – Social media and email marketing are two of the most effective marketing strategies in today’s technology-obsessed society. Not only does this option increase a book’s exposure, but it also provides readers with the convenience of online shopping and internet book reviews.

Are you ready to reserve your feature?

Give the Gift of Self-Publishing with Outskirts Press Instant Gift Certificates Starting at $99!

This season, give the writer in your life the greatest gift of all — the gift of self-publishing! What better holiday present than the gift of a dream come true? Take advantage of an Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificate from Outskirts Press starting at just $99. It’s the perfect endowment for the writer on your list with publishing on his Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificatelist! The lucky recipient can use it toward any already valuable publishing package.

Once the buyer adds the Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificate to his cart, Outskirts Press will contact the buyer to find out who the special author is and gather any personal messaging the buyer wishes to include on the gift notification. If the writer is already registered and/or published with Outskirts Press, the $99 will be instantly credited to the existing Publishing Center account. If the writer isn’t yet registered, Outskirts Press will create a free Publishing Center account for him and credit the $99 gift to the new account. Once the credit has been applied to the writer’s account, Outskirts Press will notify him via email of the special gift using the messaging provided.

A $99 gift certificate enables your special someone to buy any of the following:

  • Fully illustrated pre-written custom children’s book
  • Cookbook formatting kit
  • Poetry publishing kit
  • Various marketing options
  • Books
  • A portion of their publishing package (or, if you wish to cover the full price of their publishing package, just add more gift certificates to your cart)

Although Christmas is right around the corner, Outskirts Press’ Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificate is ideal for any special occasion gift, including birthdays, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, appreciation gifts, or a congratulations gift to recognize the completion of that new book.

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