Publish an Ebook, Save a Tree — and Save 15%

With the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, it’s an appropriate time to do something kind for Mother Nature. And what better — or easier — way to keep her looking lush that than through eco-friendly electronic book publishing?

While hardcover and paperback books still reign supreme, environmentally conscious readers and self-publishing authors are helping to drive the recent rise in ebook sales. The market share for ebooks grows each year and is projected to account for approximately one-fourth of all book sales in 2018.

In addition to the highly sustainable business model of ebook publishing, there are many other reasons to add an electronic version of your book to your marketing and selling repertoire:

  • Ebooks are expected to generate about $20 billion in revenue this year.
  • Daily sales of ebooks of online retailer Amazon in the U.S. alone stood at more than 517.5 thousand units as of January 2016, with ebooks published by independent publishers accounting for the largest share of this total.
  • Approximately 94% of American public libraries offer ebooks.
  • There are no printing costs involved with publishing an ebook, so authors keep a greater share of royalties.
  • Ebooks are easy to distribute, and ebook listings increase online exposure and boost author search engine rankings.
  • Authors can easily and inexpensively send ebooks to book reviewers, news media and literary industry contacts without incurring printing costs.

And here’s one more compelling reason to publish an ebook: Add an Elite Ebook Package to your shopping cart anytime in April and Outskirts Press will take 15% OFF this money-saving bundle!

With the Elite Ebook Package from Outskirts Press, your book could quickly be available to millions more book consumers, no matter what e-reading device they use or where they live. The package includes formatting, uploading and distribution of your book in all the most popular digital formats:

  • Amazon Kindle Ebook Edition with distribution on Amazon
  • Apple iPad/iPhone Ebook Edition with distribution through iTunes and the iBooks bookstore
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK Ebook Edition with distribution through the NOOK bookstore on Barnes & Noble’s website

Once your ebook is released, readers can purchase and download your book instantly … from anywhere in the world. To save 15% on ebook publishing, just add our Elite Ebook Bundle to your cart (if you’re a current Outskirts Press author, simply login to your Publishing Center) and enter the promo code EliteSavings at checkout.

Go Green and Save Green With The New Electronic Self-Publishing Package

An Elite E-book Package from Outskirts Press gives self-publishing authors increased distribution that promises less impact on the environment and publishing dollars.

Priced hundreds of dollars below what an author would pay for a la carte electronic publishing services, the Elite Ebook Package, bundles three valuable e-book distribution services into one discounted publishing package. The package represents more than 25 percent savings when compared to purchasing each electronic edition separately.

While self-publishing authors can still choose one or two electronic formats, combining the three allows them to reach a wider audience of readers, many of which are loyal to one reader device over another. Only books that have been submitted via the required process and format for each edition are available for electronic book readers to purchase and enjoy. Outskirts Press simplifies the process by offering one convenient and cost-effective package that includes three popular electronic book editions:

  • Amazon Kindle Edition: Kindle editions of books appear on Amazon and in Amazon search listings just like any other format (such as a hardback edition).
  • Apple iPad/iPhone Premium Edition: This service allows authors convenient, full distribution of iPad/iPhone electronic editions of their own books through Apple’s popular iBooks Bookstore.
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition: There are upward of 2 million books available for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. Inclusion in this virtual bookstore allows self-published authors to tap into an important, and growing, market of readers.

How do you get started?

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