How to Use Google to Sell Your Book

As a published author, you know the importance of making your book as visible to as many readers as possible – in as many venues as possible. And what better venue is there in the virtual book world than Google?

Google, already a giant in the internet realm, has expanded its reach in recent years into apps, music, social media, and of course, books. The potential reach is enormous. Learn more about how to use this Web behemoth to sell your book.

  • Take advantage of the world’s most powerful search engine. Bing, Yahoo! and a handful of other search engines have tried, but none of them have unseated the king of all search engines. Use that power. It’s yet more avenue through which to capture the attention of potential reader and boost sales. Plus, Google scans and indexes the text of your entire book so that readers can more easily discover your content.
  • Offer readers a sneak peek. Google Books automatically gives book buyers who find your book a limited preview. That preview is often just the enticement a reader needs to make a purchase.
  • Don’t miss any links. Use the links within your Google Books listing to help lead readers straight to your book with major online booksellers.
  • Expand your circles. While you’re taking full advantage of the tremendous visibility of Google Books, don’t forget to reach out to devout Google users through Google+. These Google devotees may well be your best shot at touting your book in a more personal, one-on-one venue.

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There are several benefits to the Google Books Preview Program that all contribute to a vastly to greater sales opportunity:

  • Your book instantly becomes more visible.
  • Your book becomes more discoverable.
  • Readers get a sneak peek.
  • Links make buying easy.

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