Big Savings on Book Promotion

Virtual Book Tour

If traveling to promote your book in person is not currently an option for you, a Virtual Book Tour is a quick, cost-effective way to instantly promote your book on a variety of high-profile venues—venues that could result in valuable book reviews and interview opportunities.

  1. It’s faster, less expensive, and more convenient to tour from your desk (or kitchen table) than by plane, train, or automobile.
  2. It’s an opportunity to engage with readers via blog comments and the chat feature on videos.
  3. The more readers you reach, the more book sales and book reviews (leading to more sales) you generate.
  4. Because videos and blogs are recorded, archived, and searchable, Virtual Book Tours last forever.
  5. Word of mouth has time to grow. So even if a reader, bookseller, reviewer, other influencer, or potential customer misses your initial event, they can watch or read the saved version later.

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