The Right & Wrong of Book Reviews–And How to Get Them

What makes book reviews so important for the self-publishing author? Simply put, readers turn to the book reviews on websites like Amazon and Goodreads for assistance in choosing between the many possible books they might purchase. Looking at the hundreds of newly published books in the Biography or Romance genre each month, it’s easy to understand why a review of five stars on your Amazon book page might sway readers to purchase it over different book with only two or three stars. But how to get those reviews?

One possibility is to ask for them directly. There are a lot of benefits to making use of your existing social connections–on or offline–and contacting potential reviewers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Some websites offer free reviews in return for copies of your book, as well, but how effective are they at reaching new readers? The answer, in most cases, is “not very.”

Many readers, however, are looking for something more reputable and more thorough than an anonymous two-sentence review on a website geared entirely towards sales. These readers are looking for reputability, reliability, and the kind of in-depth insight that only certain reviewers can offer. As a self-publishing author, nothing quite equals an impartial book review from a credible source.

That’s where the Outskirts Press Book Blast package can save the day–and save you untold time, effort, and potential disappointment in pursuing the right kind of reviews to boost your book’s visibility and drive your sales. The Book Blast package is designed to both put your book into the hands of ten credible, highly-rated reviewers who have a guaranteed interest in reviewing self-published titles–and to build your confidence as an author that your book will indeed find its audience.

Gaining reviews is just one benefit of purchasing the Book Blast package, but it’s a powerful one to have at your disposal as a self-publishing author. At Outskirts Press, the ultimate goal is to keep moving you along the path to publishing success–and a large part of that success can be defined as lifting the burdens that keep you from doing what you love most to do: writing!

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