Get Your Book Ready for the Holiday Book-Buying Season

Where did 2015 go? We’re quickly coming up on another holiday season and bracing ourselves for the book-buying spike that comes this time every year. Are you ready for it?

Make the most of readers’ eagerness to buy by getting your book in front of millions of New York Times subscribers. Ad space in the New York Times Holiday Books Edition is the key component of the Outskirts Press exclusive 2015 Holiday Marketing Bundle, but there’s much more for self-publishing authors to love about this bundle!

The Holiday Marketing Bundle is a comprehensive one-click solution that delivers valuable, limited ad space in the New York Times Holiday Books Edition, along with several additional marketing tools you need to boost your book’s visibility just in time for the biggest book-buying season of year! The secure purchase of the 2015 Holiday Marketing Bundle is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season, and it comes with several useful “attachments”:

  • Ad space in the New York Times Holiday Books Edition — What better place to advertise your book than in a publication specifically targeted to motivated book-buyers? Published each December, this special edition places your book in front of more than 4 million subscribers who are on the hunt for books to buy for themselves and their loved ones. With this cost-effective co-op ad, you’ll share space with no more than 11 other Outskirts Press books.
  • An exclusive feature spotlight on the Outskirts Press blog — Thousands of eager readers come to our blog every day seeking the best in self-publishing. This is your opportunity to shine! Authors who select the Holiday Marketing Bundle will have the joy of seeing their books featured in a book spotlight for the day on our blog during the holiday season.
  • Holiday Book Video Trailer and Distribution — Imagine having a holiday book video in your own marketing toolbox that you can use during the holiday season to promote your book. Even better, Outskirts Press will distribute your holiday-themed Book Video Trailer for you via YouTube, Twitter and several other major video distribution channels.
  • Annual storage fees waived for 2016 — As our gift to you, we’ll let you skip those storage fees when they’re due next year. Use that cash for more important things — like shopping!
  • 5 Hours of Personal Marketing Assistance — Get guidance and informed answers to your marketing questions from a book marketing professional. Your Personal Marketing Assistant will work with you to tailor a marketing plan specifically for you and your book for the holiday season — and beyond.
  • 2016 Book Marketing Calendar — In addition to the personalized marketing plan from your Personal Marketing Assistant, we’ll provide you with a free copy of the 2016 author marketing calendar to keep your marketing on track throughout the book-buying season.
  • Amazon Listing Optimization — A professional Outskirts Press marketing copywriter will spruce up your book description on Amazon and other retail sites, optimizing your copy to appeal to both potential readers and search engines, just in time for the holidays. That enhanced sales copy could make the difference between decent holiday book sales and spectacular holiday book sales.

Don’t let this unique, limited holiday book marketing opportunity pass you by. This early offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis only to the first 12 authors who order.

Learn more about the 2015 Holiday Marketing Bundle and complete your purchase today.

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