Finalist #1 for the 2014 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year

Congratulations to E.J. Brown, author of Speechless, one of three finalists for the Outskirts Press 2014 Best Book of the Year Award.

The three finalists are being introduced throughout the week on this blog. Public voting will determine which of the three finalists should be awarded the Outskirts Press 2014 Best Book of the Year Award and its $1,500 Grand Prize. Voting is open to everyone and begins on this blog on Thursday, September 3.

E.J. Brown has been fighting to recover her sons from autism for the past decade. For the last seven years she has been the teacher to one handsome, insightful, bright student: her son, Clary. Every day means fighting the good fight to full recovery. She lives in coastal South Carolina with her handsome trophy husband, George, and three brilliant boys that teach her more every day than she ever learned in a book or a classroom.


We are here to teach the world what happens when love is enough…Speechless is the story of a family that was forced to take the long journey of heartache and despair into the dark, confusing world of autism and found their way out the other side to recovery. Three brothers each were diagnosed with a different form of ASD and their parents faced an unwavering fight to bring them back. The battle was against a disorder that is considered incurable, and children who are thought to be unreachable. This theory was turned on its ear with a new perspective, hope, love and determination. We refer to the full recovery of two, the third a miracle in progress. This one family’s story will change everything you think you know about autism and the things you consider to be important in life. This was a family that loved one another and exercised blind faith in each other, despite the obstacles placed before them. They accepted the disorder with the caveat that they would continue to fight and would never accept that this had to be a lifelong disability. They fought with everything they had and proved that sometimes amazing things happen if you put aside what your head tells you is logical and, instead, follow your heart. Three boys showed everyone that hope can lead to miracles if we choose to believe. What seems impossible is very often possible. It is only when we believe that we can change despair into hope and enjoy the happy ending we all expect and deserve.

Every year, Outskirts Press recognizes the best book they publish with their annual Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year award, which must not only win an EVVY Award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association but must also be recognized as the best book among three finalists.

As one of three finalists, E.J. Brown and her book Speechless will be competing head-to-head-to-head with the other two finalists in a public poll on this blog starting on Thursday. E.J. has already demonstrated she has the writing chops to win this prestigious award, as evidenced by her EVVY Award win. Does she have the marketing prowess to make it as the Best Book of the Year author in this digital age? Stay tuned for information on the remaining finalists being announced this week, and then come back on Thursday to vote for the book you believe to be the best among the three.

The author of the winning book will receive a $1,500 credit to his or her Publishing Center, courtesy of Outskirts Press, and an exclusive 2014 Best Book of the Year award seal to apply to the cover of the book.

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