Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Diane Dettmann

Reading a great book is an act of transference as the experiences of the characters in the story become apart of our own knowledge and understanding. The characters we come to know, the events that unfold in their lives, the loves they encounter, the griefs they endure, the lessons they learn — all of the treasures of human experience and resiliency of the spirit is ours through the reading of great stories. This week our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight illuminates Outskirts Press author, Diane Dettmann, who writes with wisdom that comes from deep inner strength and resiliency amidst unexpected turns in life.

Diane has published five titles with Outskirts Press and each book conjures feeling, stirs empathy, grows compassion, deepens understanding, and gives the gift of perspective. Learn more about Diane through this week’s Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

Diane Dettmann lives with her loving husband, Alan, in Minnesota. Diane has presented her books around the world Diane has presented her books around the world and has written articles for “Women’s Voices for Change” in New York City. Sharing her story of loss, Diane provides grief outreach to organizations in her local community.

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