Start Publishing Now … and Have Your Book in Hand by Christmas!

Halloween is nearly upon us, and close on its heels, so too are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Where did the year go?Publishing Packages

Perhaps you had plans to roll out a book over the summer and life just got in the way. Now the year is speeding to a close and it feels like 2014 will pass by without you realizing your self-publishing dream. Not so! Incredible as it may seem, it is absolutely possible to still have your new literary work published, printed and in-hand in time for gift-giving!

While publishing with traditional publishing houses can drag on for months, even years, before the book rolls off the press, authors who publish through Outskirts Press can see the finished product in a mere matter of weeks. That means a manuscript you submit to us in October could be nestled into a loved one’s stocking by Christmas.

Outskirts Press recognizes the value in moving your project through the publishing process while your passion for the work is high, so you can start marketing and selling — and get going on your next project. We offer self-publishing authors a variety of products, services and packages to make that process as quick, simple and easy as possible:

Gift Certificate

  • Writing Services — Even if you still have some finishing touches to do, we can help you finish your book in no time. Use professional ghostwriting services to wrap up a work in progress (or start a new one for next year), or get a copy editor to help clean up your draft before it goes to print.
  • Publishing Packages — These service bundles include everything you need to complete the self-publishing process, from a Personal Marketing Assistant to advise you alongthe way to professional formatting and custom cover art to copies of the final product.
  • One-Click Publishing — Whether you’ve written a novel, a children’s book or a non-fiction, there’s a One-Click package that includes publishing and marketing options that are specially selected for your chosen genre.
  • Instant Self-Publishing Gift Certificates — If you know an author who is ready to publish, get them started with an early Christmas stocking stuffer: gift certificates they can use to purchase publishing services.

What are you waiting for? Get your book wrapped up by Christmas with help from Outskirts Press!

Start Self-Publishing Now!

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