How to Enter Your Submission to Facebook for Fandemonium Anthology

For three years now, Fandemonium has brought Outskirts Press Facebook fans together to experience the joy of publishing with us first-hand. Submit your poetry, short stories, excerpts, recipes or anecdotes for free today for your chance to be published in the 4th Annual Outskirts Press Facebook anthology, Fandemonium, now through April 30, 2014.

Do you have a short story, poem or other short work you’d like to enter for consideration? Getting published in the Facebook Fandemonium is simple:

1. Submit your work as a regular “Status Update” on your own Facebook page.


2. “Tag” Outskirts Press in your Update by typing @outskirts somewhere in the body of your message. Outskirts Press will show up in the drop down list (as long as you have liked the Outskirts Press page on Facebook).  Select Outskirts Press.


When that is done successfully, the tag should appear like this:


If Outskirts Press does not appear in the drop down menu, be sure you have clicked to “Like” the Outskirts Press page on Facebook (

3. To control who can see your post, use the dropdown privacy menu near the bottom of the section. “Public” is the recommended setting as restricting the privacy may result in your submission not being accessible to our moderators.

4. When you’re done writing, click Post.

That’s it! Submit your entry today in the 4th Annual “Fandemonium”

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    1. The Table of Contents listing the included submissions will be released on this blog in about 6-8 weeks.

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