Did You Know …? Notable Self-published Classics

What do “The Bridges of Madison County,” “The Joy of Cooking,” and “The Christmas Box” have in common? You guessed it! They were all self-published.

Today, the authors of these and many other self-published books can wax nostalgic about the old days of self-publishing: selling out of car trunks, hawking stacks at every bookstore within a hundred miles of home, and staring at more than a few slammed doors.

In those days – right up until recent years, really – many writers viewed self-publishing as a last resort. It was the only avenue left once all the big (and small) publishing houses rejected their work. These days, independent publishing is a viable first option, offering authors complete freedom and autonomy over their work at relatively little risk.

Today, authors can rely on a number of convenient online services and tools to help them polish their work and package it for mass consumption. And, with a whole world of online publishing opportunities available to them, good, creative writers who play their cards right can reach more people than early self-publishers could ever have imagined.

Times have changed, and we have innovative authors such as Robert James Waller, Irma Rombauer and Richard Paul Evans to thank for blazing a trail and changing perceptions.

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