Target Your Book Marketing Efforts with Co-op Advertising

We all know how important marketing is to the success of a self-published book. Part of achieving that efficacy is getting the most bank for the few bucks you have to spend on publicizing your works. One of the most vital elements of this is target marketing.

Bookmarks Magazine, a subscription magazine for lovers of literature, offers authors advertising that does just that. (You can purchase ad space conveniently through Outskirts Press.) Each full-color issue of Bookmarks includes a synopsis of a number of the latest and greatest literary works and is targeted specifically to avid readers looking for the next great tome. To date, Bookmarks has 40,000 subscribers.

Each ad page in Bookmarks spotlights several authors with a full-color book-cover image and synopsis, providing each author a cost-effective way to showcase his or her work before an appropriate and very specific audience. The magazine’s Co-op Advertising Program provides authors high-profile — and most importantly, inexpensive — ad space. It’s exceptional, targeted visibility at a fraction of the price of a full-page ad.

View samples of full-color Bookmarks Magazine ads on the Outskirts Press website.

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