March 1 marks the beginning of National Reading and Small Press month. This is the perfect time to revamp your current marketing strategy and try some new things. After all, readers are more inspired to buy books this month. As a self-publishing author, here are the top 10 ways to use this to your advantage:

  1. Come up with a marketing plan for your book. It may be helpful to speak with a professional that can coach you through coming up with a plan and taking action on those items.
  2. Contact your local bookstore to see what their policy is for carrying small press books. You may consider offering your book on consignment.
  3. Contact your local newspaper to remind them that it’s small press month. Write a press release (or have someone write one for you) and send them a copy. Be sure to call them shortly thereafter to make sure they received it.
  4. Contact your local library to suggest they feature small press titles this month, including yours. Make sure to have plenty of free copies to give away.
  5. Send out copies of your book to get reviews.
  6. Make sure your Amazon listing is up to par. You should have a Kindle Edition, Search Inside the Book, and a Book Video Trailer on your book’s Amazon page.
  7. If you haven’t already done so, buy your own domain name and start a blog. Blogging is a great way to reach new readers and possibly increase the sales of your book.
  8. Schedule a free webinar or teleseminar. Everyone has an area of expertise – what’s yours? Share your gift with the world. This will not only help increase your network, but you will be able to gain notoriety as an industry expert.
  9. Take a Virtual Book Tour. This is a cost-effective way to get yourself in front of your audience without leaving the comfort of your own living room.
  10. Offer freebies for people who buy your book. In your book’s description, you can let your potential reader know what they will get for free if they email you a copy of their receipt. eBooks, whitepapers or other virtual gifts are a great option due to their low cost and ease of delivery.

Overall, the most important thing is to have fun marketing your self-published book! Don’t take things too seriously and make sure you make the best use of your time this upcoming month.

DISCUSSION: Which of these strategies (or others) do you plan to take action on this month?

8 thoughts on “10 Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Promote Their Books During National Reading/Small Press Month

  1. I think the part about freebies is best. I had thought of scholarships, but with what money? I think until I have extra on hand, I better rethink that. There are a number of freebies I could offer. I’ll have to think this out. If it’s on-line then, it can be very thrifty.

  2. My book has been out for a month now. I started a website, got it into a local bookstore and have bee hanging up flyers and cards. I’ve only sold 20 but its something you have to work on everyday. Don’t give up

  3. Thanks for the great tips. I’m not done with my book by any means, but I’m still putting a buzz out there to create excitement and interest in it.

    I created a video introduction/teaser to get people interested in signing up for the online series:

    This was just created and posted over the weekend… so I’m excited to see what kind of interest (or not) it brings

  4. I, too, appreciate all the strategies and tips that are made available to authors. Thank you so very much! My book isn’t out yet, but I’d like to look into strategy #7 — buy your own domain name and start a blog. I think I remember reading that Outskirts offers a custom website and I’m wondering whether it is possible to get a domain name through that service?

    1. Hi, Hollie:

      You’re right – we do offer a custom website. You can get a domain, though the package does not come with a custom domain. A domain can be secured through any registrar for a fee of as low as $10 per year.

  5. Although I am still writing my book and hope to have it complete at the end of April I appreciate the sage advice I’m getting for marketing my book. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Richard:

      That’s very exciting. Remember marketing is an ongoing process. It’s important to keep things fresh. Subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss out on the tips we will be posting between now and then (and even after that).

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