Outskirts Press Self-Published Authors Win Big in 2013 Indie Book Awards

Now in its sixth year, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards is the largest nonprofit book awards program for independent or self-published authors and publishers to recognize and honor the most exceptional Indie Book Awardsindependently published books in 60 different categories. And, once again Outskirts Press is well-represented, with a number of brilliant self-published authors taking top honors in several categories.

The awards are presented by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group in cooperation with Marilyn Allen of Allen O’Shea Literary Agency. Congratulations to the following Outskirts Press authors for your amazing work and boundless talent!


The Prayer Wheel Odyssey by Stephen S. Janes

WINNER: The Prayer Wheel Odyssey, by Stephen S. Janes

Death in Diyarbakir by Bernard M. Brodsky

Finalist: Death in Diyarbakir, by Bernard M Brodsky


Lofton Journal of an American Woman

Finalist: Lofton: Journal of an American Woman, by Kent D. Walsh


Health Care Research Done Right by Kathleen A. Fairman

Finalist: Health Care Research Done Right: A Journal Editor Shares Practical Tips and Techniques for High Quality and Efficiency, by Kathleen A. Fairman

FIRST NOVEL (Over 80,000 words)

Wall Street Journeyman by Silvio Santini

WINNER: Wall Street Journeyman, by Silvio Santini


Blues in the Wind-ReVisited by Whitney J. LeBlanc

Finalist: Blues in the Wind – Revisited, by Whitney J. LeBlanc


Shock and Awww in the Cul-de-Sac by John Douglas

Finalist: Shock and Awww in the Cul-de-Sac, by John Douglas


The Farm by Charles C. Anderson

Finalist: The Farm, by Charles C. Anderson

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