A Delicious Pre-Turkey Day Deal: $200 Spending Credit + 10 Extra Paperbacks

We all know how frenetic things get around the holidays. It starts with all the prepping for a massive Thanksgiving feast and only gets crazier from then on. By Christmas, you’re utterly spent! Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one thing you didn’t have to worry about during this hectic time?

Outskirts Press is gearing up for a delicious Turkey Day with a plump deal that’s juicier than Grandma’s overbaked bird: $200 spending credit PLUS 10 extra paperbacks with the purchase of Ultimate or Full-Color publishing!

Each of these comprehensive packages comes with free author copies of your book that you can use to sell, promote to media outlets and reviewers, submit to book competitions, host exciting giveaways or even give as gifts for special occasions. When you publish now, we’ll throw in 10 additional paperbacks to further boost your promotional power! But sweetest of all, we’re giving you a spending credit of $200 you can use to purchase or pay down any Outskirts Press service you wish.

Outskirts Press has many valuable publishing, book customization options and book marketing services that demonstrate just how far $200 can go. This promotional credit means you can pay down your purchase or spring for something that wouldn’t otherwise be in your self-publishing budget. Options include:

  1. Professional Copy Editing. Errors, even minor ones, destroy credibility. A professional copy editor is your best tool for polishing your copy to the professional level readers expect.
  2. Custom Cover Design. A beautiful, vibrant book cover gives you an instant edge in a crowded marketplace, intriguing book-buyers and increasing your odds of selling.
  3. Ebook Publishing. Ebook editions instantly make your book available to tens of millions of readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NOOK, Apple or any combination of these bookstores that you choose.
  4. Book Video Trailer. Today’s internet browsers have short attention spans. Capture their imaginations instantly in the virtual realm with a vivid book trailer, complete with professional graphics and mood-setting music!

To claim your $200 spending credit PLUS 10 extra paperbacks, place the Ultimate or Full-Color publishing package in your shopping cart and enter promo code ReceiveMore_Nov18 at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email when the credit has been added to your account.