Self-Publishing Author William Kunle Adeniyi Featured in the New York Times Holiday Edition!

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The New York Times Holiday Edition features Outskirts Press Self-Published author William Kunle Adeniyi.

About the Author

Dr. William K. Adeniyi is a chemist by profession. Although he developed a passion for reading and writing, he was driven by his interest in science.

He has been inspired by Victorian authors and has read many biographies. When not researching or writing, he enjoys photography.

Dr. Adeniyi lives with his family in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Stegomyia: The Story of My Life

There’s No Shortcut to the American Dream

Growing up in a small village in Nigeria, William Adeniyi knew that his opportunities in life would be limited unless he was relentless in his pursuit of education. The death of his father left William, his sister, and their mother in financial straits. Despite that, William’s mother was dedicated to her children’s schooling…until she too died, leaving William an orphan at a crucial juncture of his life. Stegomyia is the story of how William overcame seemingly insurmountable personal and financial challenges to graduate from Titcombe College, the prestigious high school run by Canadians and Americans of the Sudan Interior Mission, and his subsequent academic career in America as a student and then as a professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. From the perils of Nigeria’s political bloodbath to the frustrations of immigration to America, from bullies in elementary school to racist colleagues in the US, from despair when everything was taken from him to dawning hope thanks to helping hands from people who believed in William’s future, this memoir is a compelling chronicle of a life lived in defiance of the odds. A clear-eyed, honest assessment of what it means to embrace the American Dream, Stegomyia is both inspirational and cautionary, an epic true story of determination and hard work.

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Author Poll: John Garlick needs your help with his cover

John Garlick is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And he wants your help deciding his book cover.

Book Summary

John Garlick was born with the deck stacked against him: the youngest of six children born to a metis family of Irish, French, and Chippewa Indian in a small town in Montana where classism and racism were alive and well. In addition to these disadvantages, John was gay…and there was no place in this world for a gay man. As John learned to navigate a world where bullying and prejudice never stopped, he also learned about his own incredible strengths as a compassionate caregiver, as a musician, and as a man who was able to maintain balance and perspective through self-discipline, humor, and the ability to both give and receive the deepest and most lasting kinds of love. This candid, intelligent, and insightful memoir is a testament to what one person can accomplish by staying true to principles of integrity and hope for change, even in circumstances that seem impossible.

About the Author

John Garlick was born in Lewistown, Montana. Later in life he moved to Alaska and then to Seattle. He and his partner currently live in Palm Springs.

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