Writer Maria Alice Silva-Amey wants your help choosing her book cover.

Beautiful Moon – Wakes Me Up Before the Sunlight


One day, Lara sees her dreams break apart, slow down, and pause because she didn’t tell the truth, which hurts her heart. She is looking for more information about her great-grandparents to learn of her family’s heritage, which leads her in a new direction toward a new heritage! Lara learned from her great-grandfather how their lives were a continuous process of creation and with a great sensibility of achievements that contributed to the development of a new generation. All the experiences acquired with these achievements brought her grandfather a sense of a different world with a comprehensive vision, a vision of peace. But Lara sees the world as a Blood Moon, and feels something profound as she understands the whole story. Humanity is looking for a cycle of conflict linked to anguish and an imbalance of achievements, but Lara tries through simplicity and sensibility to find a happy ending. In the thirst of her dreams, she finds a single place, her silence, where she feels safe.

About the Author:

Maria Alice Silva-Amey is the author of Poetry Gives Different Magnitudes to Understand Your Thoughts and Culminating Experience Personal Theory: Open Feelings Toward Choosing Your Dreams. Her books Body and Life and Time Is Short are written in Portuguese. Ms. Silva-Amey is a member of the National Career Development Association, and she received a MS in Counseling from California State University. https://mariaaliceamey.com Instagram: @maria_alice_amey

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