Introducing the Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition for Self-Publishing Authors!

Ask any self-publishing author, and they will tell you that it’s incredibly important for their book to be available in as many formats as possible – especially e-formats. Electronic books can be less expensive to publish than their printed counterparts. That, in addition to low overhead, makes ePublishing a very attractive option for authors. As a matter of fact, there are some authors who don’t publish print books at all, but they have very successful writing careers.

Although ePublishing offers very few barriers to entry, some authors still postpone offering their book via electronic channels. Why? More often than not, they are intimidated by the formatting and distribution process. That’s where Outskirts Press comes in. We offer a full suite of electronic publishing services available to all authors – regardless of where their book is published. In addition to our Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad formats, we now offer a Barnes & Noble NOOK edition for authors who wish to offer their eBook for sale through B&N’s distribution network.

When authors purchase this option, they experience the white glove service that is promised to any and all authors who purchase any self-publishing or book marketing services from Outskirts Press. We handle all of the “heavy lifting” (i.e. eBook conversion and formatting, submission to B&N’s distribution network, etc.) for you, and you earn all of the money. You can learn more about or place your order for this option by visiting our Barnes & Noble NOOK edition page.

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